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Afghanistan, the Pope: “I pray that many countries will protect those seeking a new life”


VATICAN CITY – “Help the Afghans”. The call comes from St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. It was launched by Pope Francis, after the Sunday Angelus. “In these troubled times that see Afghans seeking refuge – said the Pontiff – , I pray for the most vulnerable among them. I pray that many countries will welcome and protect those seeking a new life. I pray also for the internally displaced persons and that they may receive assistance and the necessary protection. May young Afghans receive education, an essential good for human development. And may all Afghans, whether at home, in transit, or in host countries, live with dignity, in peace and fraternity with their neighbours”. 

An appeal, that from the Pontiff, which comes as less and less news comes out of Afghanistan: after the evacuations of the last military contingents and diplomatic representations, last week, the country is almost totally under the full control of the Taliban who are now looking for to overthrow the last pockets of resistance in Panjshir, where the last Afghan opponents to the “black” regime have not yet capitulated (as seen in the map below, published on the Twitter page https://twitter.com/AWMUpdates).

The Pope then also addressed a thought to the populations of the United States of America affected in recent days by Hurricane ‘Ida’. “May the Lord receive the souls of the deceased and sustain those suffering from this calamity”, he said before also remembering the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and the two holidays of Yom Kippur and Sukkot. “I extend my heartfelt good wishes to all my brothers and sisters of the Jewish religion: may the New Year be rich in fruits of peace and good for those who walk faithfully in the Lord’s Law”.

On next Sunday, the Pope will travel to Budapest for the conclusion of the International Eucharistic Congress. “My pilgrimage will continue after the Mass for a few days in Slovakia, and will conclude the following Wednesday – the Pontiff announced – with the great popular celebration of Our Lady of Sorrows, Patroness of that country”.

The image of the Pope is taken from the video broadcast live on Vatican News’ channel on YouTube

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