Author: Carrie Lam


抵制北京冬奥会的呼声日益高涨。 一个代表维吾尔人、藏人、香港活动家和其他许多人的联盟团体在 5 月发表联合声明,呼吁明年从北京彻底取消冬奥会。 加拿大与中国的关系特别不稳定。 由于两名加拿大人质迈克尔·科尔维格和迈克尔·斯帕沃尔被关押,迄今为止,加拿大对中国的欺负人的反应非常不温不火。 整个内阁和其他一些自由党议员以及总理特鲁多都退出了对维吾尔种族灭绝动议的投票。 或许他们想向中国发出一个非挑衅的信息。 但在加中关系的难题中,这种绥靖政策对加拿大根本不利。 (more…)

“Canada, It’s Time to Expel All Chinese Athletes”

The calls to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics are growing by the day. A coalition group representing Uyghurs, Tibetans, Hong Kong activists, and many others issued a joint statement in May calling for the complete removal of the Winter Game from Beijing next year. Canada is in a particularly precarious relationship with China. With two Canadian hostages Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor held in prison, Canada so far has had a very tepid response to China’s aggression. The entire cabinet and a few other Liberal MPs along with Prime Minister Trudeau removed themselves from voting for the Uyghur Genocide motion. Perhaps they wanted to send a message of non-provocation to China. But this sort of appeasement has not served Canada well at all in the conundrum of Canada-China relations. (more…)

既然你民众十分反感境外势力影响加拿大政治, 那么加拿大就该开始更完善的选举改革

加拿大政党,长期以来一直在寻求进入加拿大移民社区拉票的冲动和抵制这种外来文化对本土政治的影响 不断的摇摆。。 国家安全情报委员会负责人,自由党议员戴维·麦坚迪在CBC最近的一份报告中说,境外势力在寻求加入政党以“发挥影响力”。 “这是什么意思?这意味着选举义工参加竞选办公室或竞选活动。这意味着个人加入政党并参加提名会议以试图施加影响。通常,动机是由外国政府以某种方式指示的” 在NSICOP(国会议员国家安全和情报委员会)的2020年报告提交下议院后不久,麦坚迪告诉CBC新闻。 (more…)

Public Outcry Over Foreign Influence Should Pave the Way for Much Needed Electoral Reform

Canadian political parties of all stripes have long oscillated between the urge to tap into Canada’s immigrant communities, and an opposing instinct to turn inward and rebuff such influences. In a recent CBC report, April 13, 2021, Liberal MP David McGuinty, head of the National Security Intelligence Committee (NSICOP), said that state actors are looking to join political parties to ‘exert influence’. (more…)