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Canada, Mexico and the US join forces NAFTA partners seek economic recovery

North America’s economic recovery begins. The governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico are trying to clear the air and resume the spirit of joint work to reactivate the trilateral economy and evaluate strategies around security, climate change, migration and Covid-19, for which they have initiated remote meetings.


It is in the common interest that the partners of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which represent 30% of the global gross domestic product (GDP) with just under 7% of the world’s population, implement new strategies to fuel the economics, said Brenda Romo, a specialist in North American Affairs. “It must be remembered that since the implementation of NAFTA, the North American economy has expanded, and the combined GDP of Canada, the United States and Mexico reached 22 billion dollars as of 2019,” added Romo.


The American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, held the first virtual meetings with Mexican and Canadian authorities and has opted for cooperation to address economic challenges, migration and the fight against Covid, among others. “I cannot agree more that we have a vital and vibrant economic relationship between our countries that is beneficial to Americans, Mexicans and Canadians,” said Blinken.


Meetings with Trudeau and Garneau

In the first round of talks, in the post-Trump era, Secretary of State Blinken held a remote meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Foreign Minister Marc Garneau, and other members of the cabinet. With them, he discussed the economic reactivation, climate change, human rights, diplomatic relations with China and defence and security issues in both nations.


“It’s hard to think of two countries whose destinies are more connected, more intertwined than ours,” Blinken told Garneau when their meeting began. “We know that the work we do every day on both sides of the border is important and that the deep ties between our people are very strong. It seems that every aspect of our partnerships benefits both countries,” he added.


Garneau returned the compliment, adding that Canada can be more than just a friendly ally. “I want you to know that you can count on Canada to be by your side,” he said. And he added that the bilateral relationship has been very useful for both parties when it comes to advancing each nation towards its own objectives, this is an indirect reference to Buy American.


Romo explained that “President Biden’s set of protectionist measures aimed at ensuring that American contractors, suppliers and workers are the main beneficiaries of American infrastructure projects and federal contract work has been viewed with concern in Canada because companies, employees and Canadian contractors also depend on that work. ”


The Trudeau administration is pushing hard to ensure they are not excluded from what will surely be a big-budget effort to resuscitate the US economy, Romo said.


Mexico seeks to support supply chains for the automotive, cell phone and pharmaceutical industries

Blinken also met remotely with the head of the Ministry of Economy, in Mexico. Tatiana Clouthier said: “We want to work hand in hand with you, with your government and with the government of Canada to strengthen the platform for trade.”


In order to solve the commercial problems brought about by the coronavirus health crisis (COVID-19), this Friday the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, held a virtual meeting with the Secretary of Economy (SE) of Mexico, Tatiana Clouthier.


During the brief video call, Clouthier pointed out that for the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) is a “great tool” for the post-pandemic recovery of the three nations.


At the end of February, the president of the United States signed a decree to revalue the import of supplies necessary for the manufacture of vehicles, cell phones, military equipment and other goods, so as not to depend on the production and imports of foreign rivals, in reference to China Romo said.


“Biden has requested a 100-day review of supply chains in the United States, specifically with chips, large-capacity batteries, pharmaceuticals and critical and strategic minerals, and the government of Mexico is part of this great effort. to ensure that in North America we have the necessary supply so that these types of goods are not a problem, but rather that we can be suppliers of them,” said Clouthier.


For its part, Blinken agreed with Clouthier and noted: “We have a common opportunity, as well as a responsibility to work to deepen and strengthen what you have said, especially now that our countries emerge from the pandemic. We are embarking on a shared effort for reconstruction.”

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