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Chinese interference: resignation and accusations. Chan: “CSIS is racist”

TORONTO – The media storm relating to Chinese interference in Canadian politics is beginning to have its first effects. An Ontario provincial MP, Vincent Ke (in the pic above, from his Twitter page – @vincentkempp), has resigned from the Progressive Conservative caucus and will sit as an independent, effective immediately, due to his (alleged) ties to the Chinese Communist Party, which Global News spoke about last Friday: news that Ke himself denied, calling them “false and defamatory”. 

Citing unnamed intelligence sources, Global News reported that Ke “served as a financial intermediary” on behalf of the Communist Party of China, as part of interference in Canadian politics. “While these allegations are false and defamatory, I don’t want to be a problem for the government and question the good work Premier Ford is doing for Ontario” Ke said via Twitter. “Therefore, I will step away from the PC (Progressive Conservative party) caucus to spend my time clearing my name and representing my constituents,” wrote Ke, who represents Toronto’s Don Valley North district and was elected for the first time in 2018.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said he agreed with Ke’s decision and accepted his resignation. “While the allegations against Ke are unproven, they are serious and deserve full and undivided attention as he works to clear his name” Ford said. “As a result, and out of an abundance of caution, Mr. Ke has offered to step away from the Ontario PC caucus to sit as an independent”.

Meanwhile, another politician of Chinese origin is being talked about: Michael Chan, former minister of the former liberal government of Ontario and currently deputy mayor of Markham. In an open letter published on Twitter, Chan urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to convene an investigation into the Canadian spy agency – the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) – accusing it of racism and spreading false accusations and claiming that the same agency has been “stalking” him for years.

“I am writing to respectfully request that a full public inquiry be immediately convened into the deeply disturbing activities of CSIS, its leaders and employees” Chan wrote.

Chan served in the Ontario Legislature for eleven years, becoming Minister of International Trade and Immigration. The CSIS had already warned the province that Chan himself might be under the influence of Chinese diplomats, but Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne said she had no concern for his loyalty.

Chan then retired from provincial politics in 2018 and subsequently became deputy mayor of Markham.

Last month, CSIS agents reportedly warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the Liberal Party should be wary of Chan due to his contacts with various Chinese Consulate officials. Chan responded that the agency never heard from him about those “false and baseless allegations,” accusing CSIS of “long-standing, unacceptable, systemic racism.” An attitude, that of the CSIS, which according to Chan would put his and his family’s safety at risk.

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