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Covid-19: hospitalizations again above one thousand in Ontario, 31 dead in Quebec

TORONTO – Covid-19 hospitalizations, Ontario is again above one thousand: today in the hospitals of the province there were in fact 1,091 patients against 857 just 24 hours earlier. An impressive surge, which has jumped the increase in hospitalizations in the last seven days to + 38%. 173 people in intensive care, compared to 168 the day before today. 

Numbers all up, then. And yet the deaths do not hint to drop: today another 9, bringing the total from the beginning of the pandemic, in Ontario, to 12,479.

Out of the 14,474 tests processed today (and reserved only for the “at risk” categories), 1,991 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded, for a positivity rate of 18%. There are now 25,019 active cases, but this number is far from reality, given the limit imposed on tests. And that this number is not very representative, it is confirmed by the data on wastewater, provided by the Covid-19 Science Table of Ontario, which record, in almost all areas of the province, an increase in infection.

Meanwhile, another 2,117 people healed today. But the virus seems to dare not respite. And not just in Ontario.

Admissions also continue to increase in Quebec: +72 today, when new admissions were 219 and discharges 147, bringing the total number of Covid-inpatiens to 1,479 against 1,407 yesterday. 69 people in intensive care, with a total that remains stable (with an increase of 15 people and a decrease of 15). Unfortunately, many deaths: today 31, for a total of 14,442 since the start of the pandemic.

On the contagion front, another 2,615 were recorded today. Those active and known are now, formalized, 26,711, a sharp increase compared to yesterday when they were 26,102. Far from reality, given that even in Quebec the limitation of official tests to “at risk” categories is still in force. To give a clearer idea of ​​the size of the infections, just take a look at the numbers of the portal activated by the Quebec government, in which citizens can enter the results of the quick do-it-yourself tests performed at home: today they were 1.586 inserted, 1.346 positive. And since the portal was activated, about three months ago, the results of 151,791 rapid tests have been entered, 122,142 positive.

Photo by Amir Arabshahi on Unsplash

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