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Covid-19 in Ontario: cases, hospitalizations and deaths drop

TORONTO – Covid data stopped: today, due to the celebration of Victoria Day, the provincial health officials did not provide the usual bulletin, but the balance of last weekend is still indicative and highlights a significant drop in infections, hospitalizations and of deaths. 

As for the latter, there has been a drop from 24 deaths on Friday to 13 on Saturday up to 2 on Sunday: the total number of deaths related to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario is now at 13,161. In the last seven days, the victims have been 98; in the last thirty days, 481.

Hospitalizations are in sharp decline: on Friday there were 1,165 infected patients in Ontario hospitals (of which 163 in intensive care), on Saturday there were 1,116 (of which 160 in intensive care) and on Sunday there were 809 (of which 152 in intensive care). The number therefore falls below one thousand, although it should be remembered that generally on Sundays not all hospitals communicate their data.

As for the infections, on Friday 1,412 were registered (out of 14,413 tests processed: positive rate of 9.1%), Saturday 1,221 (out of about 12,000 tests processed: positive rate of 8.9%) and Sunday 1,052 with just over 9,700 tests processed: the provincial positivity rate is around 9%. It was since the end of February that the positivity rate had not dropped below 9%, as it did on Saturday. It is true that testing has been severely limited in recent months (as it is reserved for “at risk” categories only) and experts advised that the number of cases reported daily should be considered an underestimation of the real situation.

However, the wastewater data provided by the Ontario Science Table also appears to show a continuing decline in infections in most regions. And in any case, the number of active and known cases in Ontario also continues to drop: on Sunday they were 15,439, against 16,910 on Thursday and 17,572 on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign continues: in Ontario, on Saturday 10,568 doses of the vaccine were administered, of which 594 were first doses, 907 second doses, 1,474 third doses and 7,593 fourth doses.

Image by BC Y from Pixabay

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