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Covid-19, in Ontario hospitalizations and deaths start to rise again

TORONTO – After a long weekend that had given good hope, with few deaths and declining hospitalizations, the numbers of Covid-19 in Ontario are rising again: probably thanks to the failure to communicate the data, on holidays, by some hospitals. 

Hospitalizations rose to 1,082 today, from 890 in the previous 24 hours. The number of patients in intensive care is also increasing, from 157 to 160 in 24 hours.

Of the patients currently hospitalized, 671 are fully vaccinated, 159 unvaccinated and 37 partially vaccinated. The vaccination status of the remainder is unknown. In intensive care, on the other hand, 69 patients are fully vaccinated, 16 are not vaccinated and 7 are partially vaccinated (no information on the rest).

A new surge, unfortunately, also of deaths which in recent days had dropped to almost zero. Today, instead, there were 11, which bring the total in the province, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 13,175.

As for the infections, today 775 new cases were detected out of a total of 11,109 tests performed (and reserved only for the “at risk” categories). The positivity rate is now 8.4%: at least this returns, therefore, to decrease since in the previous 24 hours it had returned to exceed 10% (10.5%).

However, ongoing infections continue to decline: active and known cases in Ontario are now 13,049, against 14,347 yesterday.

Since the start of the pandemic, Ontario has recorded 1,297,561 laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 1,271,337 people have recovered from the disease. Overall, all over Canada since the beginning of the pandemic, the confirmed cases have been 3,852,688, healings 3,523,503, deaths 40,738, while the cases still active are 287,450: but this last number is probably very far from the reality, given that in all the provinces of Canada the tests – on which the calculation of the official data is based – are only those reserved for the “at risk” categories, that is to say, to a small segment of the population. That number could therefore only represent the tip of the iceberg.

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