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Covid-19 kills 31 in Ontario and 30 in Quebec in 24 hours. The evolution of hospitalizations, province by province

TORONTO – The total number of deaths related to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario is approaching 13 thousand: today, 31 registered deaths (the highest number added to the provincial tally in more than a month), in addition to 16 just 24 hours earlier. The total is now 12,889. 

Hospitalizations remained stable: 1,698 people in hospital today (compared to 1,699 on Tuesday), of which 199 in intensive care.

On the contagion front, out of 18,320 tests processed in the last 24 hours, 2,488 were positive, for a positivity rate of 14.3 percent, an increase compared to the day before (13.2%). The active and known cases are now 27,046, further down from 28,046 on Tuesday, it being understood that this figure is based only on official tests, ie those reserved for the “at risk” categories.

Today’s toll in Quebec was also dramatic, where another 30 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the total – from the beginning of the pandemic – to 15,066.

Quebec hospitals also recorded a decline in overall occupancy in the 24 hours prior to today’s update when hospitalized patients were 2,176, 19 fewer than on Tuesday (164 people entered the hospital and 183 were discharged. ). Of those patients, 78 are in intensive care, an increase of 2 compared to yesterday. Thousands of health workers still absent from work due to the virus: 7,586.

Today the French-speaking province also recorded 1,630 new cases, with the positivity rate rising from 9.2% on Tuesday to 11.6% today. Most of Quebec’s active infections (which in total are 46,087, still increasing: yesterday they were 44,487) were reported in Montreal, where there are 4,243 ongoing infections.

As for the quick do-it-yourself tests carried out at home by citizens and by the latter inserted in the portal activated by the Quebec government, today 389 positives were recorded out of 444 declared. Since the portal was activated, 202,424 do-it-yourself texts have been entered, of which 165,565 were positive.

In the last weeks hospitalizations increased almost everywhere

Let’s see the situation of hospitalizations throughout Canada, comparing them of today with those of two weeks ago and over a month ago (April 20 and March 28): Quebec 2,176 (April 20: 2,281; March 28: 1,048); Ontario 1,698 (April 20: 1,486; March 28: 553); Alberta 1,220 (April 20: 1,053; March 28: 956); British Columbia 570 (April 20: 328; March 28: 260); Saskatchewan 409 (April 20: 403; March 28: 306); Manitoba 188 (April 20: 158; March 28: 165); New Brunswick 81 (April 20: 68; March 28: 129); Nova Scotia 66 (Apr 20: 49; Mar 28: 29); Newfoundland and Labrador 16 (April 20: 28; March 28: 27); Prince Edward Island 13 (Apr 20: 36; Mar 28: 22).

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