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Covid kills another 51 over the weekend in Ontario

TORONTO – Covid-19 continues to claim victims in Ontario: after the 63 deaths recorded between Wednesday and Thursday, another 17 deaths are added to the the sad list on Friday, Saturday 24 and today 10. The total since the beginning of the pandemic is now at 12,972. 

However, hospitalizations are decreasing: on Saturday in the hospitals of the province there were 1,563 infected people (204 in intensive care) against 1,662 on Friday and 1,676 on Thursday, while today there were 1,167 hospitalized. On Saturday, the number of people covered in intensive care departments throughout the province had also decreased slightly, from 210 on Friday to 204 on Saturday, only to rise slightly today: 207.

However, it should be taken into consideration that not all hospitals communicate the data over the weekend.

Today Ontario also recorded 1,938 new cases of Covid-19: a number, we recall, not very much in keeping with reality since the tests are reserved for “at risk” categories: today 12,827 were enalified, for a positive rate equal to 12.2%, however stable from 13% last Thursday.

In the Greater Toronto Area, officials today reported 423 new cases in Toronto, 159 in the York region and 135 in the Peel region. All other areas reported fewer than 100 new cases. Of the new infections, 114 were registered among the residents (and 22 among the staff) of the long-term care facilities where 2 of the 10 deaths today also occurred. 200 nursing homes that still have an active outbreak.

2,503 healings today, bringing the number of patients recovered from the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario to 1,237,805 out of a total of 1,274,910 cases in the laboratory. Active and known cases in Ontario are now 24,708, down further from last Thursday’s 26,073.

Let’s see the state of hospitalizations in Canada, province by province, comparing it with those of May 5 and April 20 (in brackets): Quebec 2,111 (May 5: 2,176; April 20: 2,281); Ontario 1,167 (May 5: 1,698; April 20: 1,486); Alberta 1,267 (May 5: 1,220; April 20: 1,053); British Columbia 550 (May 5: 570; April 20: 328); Saskatchewan 390 (May 5: 409; April 20: 403); Manitoba 173 (May 5: 188; April 20: 158); New Brunswick 81 (May 5: 81; April 20: 68); Nova Scotia 66 (May 5: 66; April 20: 49); Newfoundland and Labrador 17 (May 5: 16; April 20: 28); Prince Edward Island 13 (May 5: 13; April 20: 36).

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

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