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Covid, Ontario still over 800 cases. 72% involves unvaccinated people or with a single dose of the vaccin

TORONTO – Ontario remains above 800 new daily cases of Covid-19 and the seven-day moving average continues to rise: 757 compared to the 688 average daily infections a week ago. On Sunday (latest data available for Ontario), 811 new cases and 3 deaths were recorded in the province. On Saturday there were 944 infections, on Friday 805. The provincial laboratories processed 22,410 test samples, generating a positive rate of at least 2.9%. 

Going into the details of the territorial distribution of the new cases, Toronto reported 156, Peel 100 and the York region 59. Durham reported 46, Halton 33 and Hamilton 71. As for hospitalizations, on Sunday there were 177 people in intensive care, compared to 172 on Saturday and 131 a week ago. Of the new cases detected on Sunday, 580 (72%) involve people who are unvaccinated or with a single dose of the vaccine: unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people make up just 33% of Ontario’s population.

The Ontario Covid-19 Science Advisory Table continues to emphasize that “vaccination continues to massively reduce the risk of infection, hospitalization and ICU admission.” In fact, complete vaccination would generate an 86% relative reduction in the risk of infection, a 96% relative reduction in the risk of hospitalization and a 97% relative reduction in the risk of admission to intensive care. today, the total cases recorded in Ontario since the start of the pandemic were 569,633. 9,548 deaths in the province since March 2020, 553,549 healings. There are currently 6,536 known active cases remaining.

In Quebec, provincial health officials today reported 530 new cases (out of a total of 16,394 tests performed) but no deaths. On Sunday the infections had been 778 (and 1 died): only in May the number of new cases in one day had been so high. Of today’s infected, 419 were not fully vaccinated. The number of hospitalizations in Quebec has risen to 160. The number includes 64 ICU patients, eight more than on Sunday.

The vaccination campaign has seen an additional 12,066 doses of the vaccine administered since the last update. Quebec has distributed more than 12.5 million vaccines since the launch of the campaign.

During the pandemic, the province recorded a total of 393,340 cases of Covid-19. The health crisis has killed 11,293 Quebecers until today. There were 374,807 healings while the cases still active and known are 7,240.

Saskatchewan on Sunday reported 389 new cases, 303 of which involve unvaccinated individuals, while 29 have received one dose or are within fourteen days of the second dose, while 57 are fully vaccinated. One death also reported. Now the seven-day average of new cases is 318, only once it was this high in Saskatchewan: on January 11th. 138 people were hospitalized, 25 of them in intensive care. 98 of the hospitalized patients are not fully vaccinated.

Since the start of the pandemic, Saskatchewan has recorded 56,139 cases and 611 deaths. 52,409 healings, 3,119 cases still active.

Here are the total numbers of Canada, since the beginning of the pandemic: 1,515,700 cases detected, 27,021 deaths, 1,451,235 healings, 37,086 cases still active (data updated at 2.30pm today).

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