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Daily update of Ontario’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign

With the largest vaccination campaign underway, the province has administered more than 8.3 million doses into the arms of Ontarians. On May 26, numbers released by the Ministry of Health show health officials administered 143,748 vaccine doses on Wednesday, up from 135,308 doses the day prior.

This graph represents Ontario’s progress thus far in the vaccination campaign (see above). The dark blue bar represents the population of Ontario, an estimated 14.5 million. Health officials suggest roughly 80% of the population would need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity against Covid-19.

So far, 7,935,844 people have received at least one or both shots of the vaccine, 54.7% of the entire population (green segment).

A total of 594,854 people are fully inoculated against the virus. That number represents about 4.1% of the Ontario population, (yellow segment).

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