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Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities

President of the Republic leaves a message of gratitude and hope to the Portuguese Diaspora. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who is in the Autonomous Region of Madeira for the June 10th commemorations, regrets once again that the pandemic is postponing “fraternal coexistence with all compatriots and Portuguese descendants who live and work outside physical borders of Portugal, but they are part of our spiritual frontiers”.

However, in the message he left through the “Portugal in the World” program, the president made a point of sending two words: “The first is of gratitude for another year of resistance to the pandemic, for the sacrifices made at a distance and for the support always given to family and friends, to fellow countrymen residing in Portugal”.

“The second word is, of course, hope. Because our common future is made of hope. Hope to achieve the much-desired group immunity. Hope in the recovery from the health crisis. Hope to overcome the economic and social problems that the pandemic has spread and aggravated and deepened.”

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reiterated that Portugal counts with the entire Portuguese diaspora in the task of post-pandemic reconstruction. “I count on you so that this reconstruction means a future, whether in the countries where they are located, by affirming the values that have always characterized us, the values of responsibility, entrepreneurship, civic courage, lucid participation, valuing the image of Portugal, beyond its physical borders. Be it in the moments longed for returning to our and your country, to visit family and friends, to get to know other corners of Portugal, to stimulate economic and social activities.”

The Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, visiting the United States, as part of the June 10th commemorations, says in her message that in the celebration that takes place all over the world, “we remember today the first generations of emigrants who left for the United States, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela and other countries, in search of a better life, as we remember their children and grandchildren or so many young Portuguese graduates and postgraduates who live today in constant mobility”.

For Berta Nunes, “the Diaspora, an important strategic asset of our country, has the particularity of taking us to the world, returning us to Portugal, making us move forward without, however, failing to reflect on the country we are”.

The Ambassador of Portugal to Canada, João da Câmara, highlights in a message the “very close relationship between Portugal and Canada” and the “respect and sympathy that the Portuguese community enjoys in Canadian society”.

Despite the suffering that the community has endured during the pandemic, the diplomat has no doubts that it “will re-emerge stronger, more supportive and more interventionist in this so generous welcoming society”.

Today, Little Portugal in Dundas BIA, along with the Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão’s office, will be virtually celebrating June 10 th (5pm). Immediately afterwards, it will be announced the Toronto Design Winner for the Rooster Project of Barcelos.

Given the impact of Covid-19, the Alliance of Portuguese Clubs and Associations of Ontario (ACAPO), informs in a press release that the celebrations of LiUNA Semana de Portugal 2021, this year, will be restricted to some of its symbolic events, with coverage in its social media platforms.

The proposed program for June 10 th includes: Tribute to Pioneers at High Park (6:00 PM); Tribute to the Volunteers at Trinity Bellwoods Park (6:45 PM); and Tribute to Camões, at Camões Square (7:30 PM).

Portugal Day in High Park and Camões’s statue (photo credit: LA)

At the top of the article, image capture of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s message (Youtube)

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