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Denise Pipitone, searches in a well in the house where her father’s ex-wife lived


MAZARA DEL VALLO – Denise Pipitone: from hope to anguish, in a few weeks. The illusion of having found her in Olesya Rostova, the Russian girl looking for her mother, lasted only a few days and had turned into a kind of reality show (read our article here: “Olesya is not Denise”: hope collapses on TV like in a reality show ). Yesterday, unfortunately always live on television, a cold shower arrived  for Denise’s mother, Piera Maggio (in the pic above, with Denise), who has been looking for her daughter for the past 17 years: while Piera was participating, with his lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta, in the broadcast “Ore 14” on Rai 2, the news arrived that investigations were underway in the house in via Pirandello, in Mazara del Vallo, which was used by Anna Corona, the ex-wife of Pietro Pulizzi, biological father of little Denise Pipitone, as well as mother of Jessica Pulizzi (half-sister of the little one who disappeared on September 1, 2004), ended up on trial for Denise’s disappearance but acquitted in the three levels of trial.

According to what emerged, the investigations would be concentrated on a trap door, present inside a garage, which would lead to a well full of water: on the spot also the firefighters who have mounted a dewatering pump to empty the well, deep ten meters and containing water to a height of one and a half meters. “Are you looking for Denise’s body?” was of course the question everyone asked. What is certain is that Carabinieri of Trapani and the fire brigade of the detachment of Mazara del Vallo and of the “Saf” group of the provincial command of Vigili del Fuoco remained inside the apartment for the whole day. Reason: apparently a “tip” came from someone who, anonymously, would have told the investigators to “look in that apartment”.

Mum. «I am shocked. I did not know anything about this investigation: I know that the investigations must be made but I did not imagine that there was talk of a “corpse” of Denise “, said Piera Maggio during the broadcast on tv, once he learned the news live. «All this is not fair – she added -, what is the delicacy towards a mother? What have they shown me? Who speak to me through journalists? ». Piera Maggio then left the broadcast, announcing that she would still be present in the square in Mazara del Vallo for the event dedicated to her daughter, “Together for Denise”, scheduled for this night.

The investigations. The Marsala Public Prosecutor’s Office reopened the investigation into Denise’s disappearance a few days ago, initially by misdirection. The prosecutor Vincenzo Pantaleo and the substitutes Roberto Piscitello and Giuliana Rana are in fact re-examining the old investigation and in recent days they also listened to the former prosecutor Maria Angioni, now a judge in Sassari, precisely to verify any misdirection that took place in the first days of the investigation. The magistrate, who intervened in some television broadcasts, had in fact spoken of the lack of collaboration of some witnesses and of problems with the wiretapping carried out at the time (“We soon realized that some people knew they were being wiretapped”, said the magistrate).

The “tip”. The origin of today’s inspection in via Pirandello, however, there would be the anonymous report of a mysterious trap door and some “strange” renovations in the house where the investigators had already been many times in 2004 and where Anna Corona no longer lives for a year (he lived there for about twenty years: the house, whose owners live in Switzerland, is now empty.) At the time, the suspicion was that the woman (ex-wife of Pietro Pulizzi, Denise’s natural father ) had helped his daughter Jessica – Denise’s half-sister – in her crazy plan of “revenge” against her father’s new partner. Hypothesis that fell with Jessica’s acquittal, in all three levels of trial. The investigators have returned to the house. After useless searches in the Rom camps (it has long been assumed that the child was kidnapped by nomads) we return to the main track: the family one.


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