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Elections of the Comites: a meeting with the C.t.i.m. at the Italian Center in Vancouver

VANCOUVER – A meeting in view of the upcoming elections for the renewal of the Comites, the Committees for Italians Abroad: it is promoted by the Tricolor Committee for Italians in the World (C.t.i.m.), British Columbia Delegation, for next September 17, at 7.30pm, at the restaurant of the Italian Cultural Center, 3075 Slocan Street, in Vancouver. 

The invitation to Italian compatriots in Canada is launched by the delegate of the C.t.i.m. from across the Pacific Area of ​​Canada, Maria Teresa Balbo (in the pic below), in a letter sent to Associations and Clubs affiliated with the Italian Cultural Center in Vancouver.

“Dear ‘Connazionale’ – she writes in the letter – , we want to inform you that on December 3, 2021, we will have the election to renew the Comites (Comitati per gli Italiani all’estero). Comites are playing a vital role for the Italian community because they maintain the Italian culture, helping the community to access all the services and resources Italians are entitled to, promoting sport and other cultural activities so crucial to the Italian community”.

“To vote – Maria Teresa Balbo explains –  you need to register to after you complete the registration and gaining access to the site, you need to register to vote, attaching a copy of your valid driver licence or passport. You can also download the form requesting to vote from the Consolato Italiano’s website. Fill it and bring it in person to the Consolato or send it by mail including a copy of your valid driver’s licence or passport. If you require help to complete the registration, please let us know and we can help you”.

And just for this reason, there will be the meeting of information on the 17th of September at 7.30 pm at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. “Please plan to attend and invite your friends”, the delegate writes.

The Tricolor Committee for Italians in the World, strongly supported by the Honorable Mirko Tremaglia (in the pic below) in 1968, has always dealt with Italians who live outside the borders of Italy. A commitment that has led to the recognition of the rights of Italians abroad, first of all the exercise of the vote on the spot, a battle led by Tremaglia himself, as well as that for the census of Italians in the world and the establishment of the Registry of Italians Abroad (Aire).

The pic at the top of the article is by Mauricio Artieda from Unsplash

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