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Fight against the pandemic, economy and environment Trudeau’s priorities

TORONTO – Action to combat the pandemic, protect the environment, fully relaunch the economy. These are the three priorities announced by the Liberal government through the Speech from the Throne read today in the Senate by Governor General Mary Simon. A speech of historical value that of the representative of the Queen because it was made for the first time not only in English and French, but also in Inuktitut, Inuit language. 

The executive’s agenda, developed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, envisages decisive government action in the coming month, with a long list of measures that ministers will deposit with the House of Common before the closure of the work coinciding with the winter break. The approach of the grit government also changes, which officially calls for a greater spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the oppositions not only to face the crisis represented by Covid and the environmental emergency, but also to approve measures capable of stimulating the economy and strengthening growth.

“This decade – explained the governor general – began with incredible difficulties, but this is the time to rebuild. This is the time for parliamentarians to work together to achieve the great goals and to shape a better future for our children.

The government then strongly defended not only what was done to counter the pandemic during the last legislature, but also the measures promised in the electoral campaign and implemented – in part – in recent weeks, such as the asylum nodes for all provinces at 10 dollars, an agreement that Ottawa has reached with almost all provincial and territory leaders.

The speech then addressed the issue of climate change. What is happening – is the Prime Minister’s reasoning – in British Columbia is a demonstration of how global warming is a danger for everyone. For this reason, the government is ready to make a green breakthrough, with the adoption of measures in favor of the development of renewable energy and the progressive disposal of the most polluting energy sources: therefore moving to a “bolder” climate action, including the transition to limit and reduce emissions from the oil and gas sector and impose the sale of zero-emission vehicles.

The government also intends to improve the accessibility and support of health care, including long-term care and access to vaccines for children and boosters for the general population and the international community.

Among the priorities, continue Covid-19 aid programs, including benefit programs for workers and businesses in hard-hit sectors; address the rising cost of living by following housing accessibility initiatives.
The prime minister also wants to accelerate indigenous reconciliation efforts by responding to numerous calls to action, eliminating water warnings and appointing a “special interlocutor” to promote justice in residential schools.

Ottawa promises to follow up on gun control commitments and commitments to combat systemic racism, sexism, discrimination, misconduct and abuse: this also includes the goal of implementing the promised legislation, including the prohibition of LGBTQ2S+ conversion therapy practices, criminal sanctions for those who threaten health workers in medical facilities and reforms of the Broadcasting and Online Crimes Act.

“Canada will come out of this generational challenge stronger and more prosperous than before.”

Now a few days of debate are scheduled – up to a maximum of six, regulation in hand – before the Speech of the Throne is put to a vote, in what could be the first vote of confidence that this government will have to face.

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