For Legault wokism is an enemy of l’État Québecois

TORONTO – The Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, sitting at 17% points ahead of his nearest [non]rival in the National Assembly, still “characterizes” him as an ‘enemy of the State’ – the Nation of Quebecois. In an article reported by Francesco Veronesi last week, Pollster Angus Reid, in its first poll following the Quebec election, found the Premier to be so far ahead of “mainstream” Parties recognizable to Canadians that they are barely captured by the proverbial margin of error. 

Prior to the latest election, he identified for the electorate the real threats (“l’ennemi”) to the Nation Quebecoise (no longer to be spoken of as la belle Province). That would be le wokism. He romped to victory.

Here is how he painted the woke, in a September 16, 2021, interview with TVA:” for me, it is someone who wants to make us feel guilty for defending [what we are] the nation of Quebecois, for defending our values…”

He went on, “one can talk about book-burners, people who see discrimination in everything and everywhere… [so much so that one no longer] has the right to defend the values of the majority.” Stay focused on what we are about, says the Premier

Drip… drip… drip… then, “suddenly”, your foundations are rotted and crumble. Legault could just as easily have applied the concept to the woke trustees of the various school boards and their Administrators in southern Ontario.

We are only three months into a new academic year. If you are a parent with children in the public-school systems of Toronto and Halton, aside from ‘Bullying’, you have seen your schools locked down while police investigate assaults with deadly weapons, threats of bombings, sexual assaults and fighting that includes teachers and “students” and drug dealing.

In Halton, the school board seems more interested in safeguarding the presentation rights of a transitioning teacher.  A parent group is preparing a civil suit against the Board and its trustees. In Toronto, the public Board was forced to back down on its plans to conduct a student census that appears to some parent groups little more than a cover to delve into student “sexuality issues. That group had garnered in excess of 35,000 supporting signatures to put an end to the exercise.

The corresponding “Catholic” boards, where woke trustees have installed like-minded Staff, are in the midst of legal wranglings that will go to the heart of their mission statements, electoral legitimacy of some of their trustees and the financial sustainability of their programs should those decisions go against them.

The latest of these court actions, heard on November 25, in the Ontario Superior Court, by Justice Frederick Myers, was initiated by a teacher (and her supporters, all anti Catholic schools) whose objection is founded on her premise that she might have been hired earlier if the Catholic Boards did not require proof of “Catholicity”.

Judge Myers appears loathe to jump into a decision that may provoke a Constitutional “crisis”. For once, the Constitutional Law Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario – the defendant – in the person of Padraic Ryan agrees. The Court will render a decision when it is ready… just not right now.

In the pic above, Francois Legault in the cover image of his Twitter profile – @francoislegault