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In Ontario 2,073 new infected and 15 more deaths

TORONTO – May 11, 2021: Canada stood yesterday at 1,297,395 positives for Covid-19, an increase of 3,209 more cases than in the previous 24 hours. The number of victims – nationwide – yesterday reached 24,706 total deaths, 24 more than on Monday. In Canada yesterday the number of recovered people from the coronavirus stood at 1,194,022. Ontario yesterday reached 497,092 overall positives, an increase of 2,073 new cases compared to Monday, the lowest number of new since last March 24. The total number of victims in Ontario has meanwhile risen to 8,342, with 15 more deaths than the previous day. The number of recovered people in the province rose to 457,599 or 2,898 more than the previous 24 hours. There are 95,546 cases so far registered in Ontario of the English variant of Covid, 530 of the South African variant and 1.592 of the Brazilian variant.

Yesterday there were 1,782 people still in hospital, 802 of them in intensive care and 568 connected to ventilators for assisted breathing. There are 46 retirement and long-term homes that continue to record cases of Covid-19. Yesterday there were 15,207 elderly patients infected in total since the beginning of the emergency and 3,934 total deaths so far recorded among guests of the same facilities. Until yesterday, 7,024 health workers were infected in the same nursing homes and 11 died.

The city of Toronto has recorded, since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 157,221 positives yesterday, with an increase of 685 cases compared to Monday. Meanwhile, there were 3,200 total deaths in the city, with 11 new victims. 143,105 were found to be healed yesterday.

The York Region reached 49,136 total infections yesterday, with 248 more positives than on Monday and 628 victims since the start of the pandemic, with no more deaths since the latest bulletin. Yesterday, 46.666 people were recovered.

In the city of Vaughan, the total number of people tested positive for Covid-19 was 20,320 yesterday, or 41% of the entire York Region, with 97 more new infections than in the previous 24 hours. 250 deaths, with no more new deaths recorded yesterday.

At Woodbridge yesterday there were 8,652 total cases of positivity since the Covid-19 pandemic started, 5,669 in Maple, 7,000 in Richmond Hill and 11,789 in Markham.

In the Peel Region yesterday there were 101,886 coronavirus positives, 442 more than the last survey and 733 total victims, with 2 more deaths than on the last bulletin. There were 96,824 healings recorded in total, while 2,826 people were hospitalized.

In Mississauga, the total number of people who tested positive for the coronavirus was 36,557 yesterday, 150 more than last Monday. Also in Mississauga were yesterday 419 victims so far, with no more deaths recorded, while there were 34,252 people recovered from Covid-19 and 1,326 people so far hospitalized due to the coronavirus.

In Brampton the total number of people positive for Covid-19 was yesterday 60,568 with 279 new cases of contagion more than on Sunday. 294 confirmed deaths, with no more victims since the last bulletin, while 57,673 were found to be healed yesterday.

In Caledon, there were 4,111 registered infections yesterday, 18 more than on Sunday, while 3,866 had recovered and 15 victims overall, with no more deaths.

In Hamilton the total number of positives yesterday was 18.707, with 94 new cases of contagion more than in the last testing cycle, while the number of victims so far ascertained was 369, with no more new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

In Ottawa, 25,513 people were infected yesterday, an increase of 67 positives compared to the last survey, while 527 people died, with 2 more new deaths recorded since the last bulletin. The healed in the capital yesterday were a total of 23,701.

In Quebec yesterday there were 660 new registered cases, for a total of 359,456 infected, along with 9 additional deaths per 11.002 total victims.

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