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Massacre in London: “Killed for being Muslim”

Article by Mariella Policheni — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

What should have been a quiet walk for a family on a very hot Sunday in early June ended in tragedy. The drama – which according to the London Police Service was the result of premeditated and hate-motivated action – took place at an intersection in northwest London.

Four pedestrians were killed, all belonging to the same family – a 74-year-old woman was declared dead at the scene while another 44-year-old woman, a 46-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl died in hospital. A 9-year-old boy is hospitalized with serious injuries but according to police reports, he is not in danger of life. “We believe that this was an intentional act and that the victims of this horrific accident were targeted – London Police Chief Steve Williams said yesterday during a press conference – we believe that the victims were targeted because of their Islamic faith “.

Driving the black pickup van was 20-year-old London resident Nathaniel Veltman, who was arrested after a brief escape outside the Cherryhill Mall which is about 6 kilometres from the crash site. The man, who according to the police did not know his victims, will have to answer for multiple counts including four for first-degree murder and one for attempted murder.


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