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No deaths in Ontario, decreasing active cases

TORONTO – Covid-19, the number of daily deaths in Ontario finally returns to zero: in the last 24 hours, in fact, no deaths have been recorded, after the worrying escalation of recent days. The total number of victims in the province since the beginning of the pandemic therefore remains unchanged: 12,972. 

Hospitalizations are essentially stable: 1,213 infected patients present today in the hospitals of the province, compared to 1,167 on Sunday, while intensive care decreased (from 207 to 201). On the contagion front, out of 7,702 tests performed (and reserved only for the “at risk” categories), 1,206 new cases were detected, for a positivity rate of 12 per cent, slightly down from 12.2 on Sunday. The active and known cases are now 23,363: yesterday they were 24,708 and this number has been steadily decreasing for the past ten consecutive days.

The situation is also comforting in Quebec, where even the number of deaths has dropped compared to the previous days: today “only” 4 deaths, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic, in the French-speaking province, to 15,143.

The number of patients being treated for the disease in hospital stood at 1,910, a drop of 16, after 85 hospitalizations and 101 discharges in the last 24 hours. Cases in intensive care units remained unchanged at 66.

The province also recorded 622 new infections based on tests reserved only for “at risk” categories, while in the Quebec government portal activated for citizens’ self-declarations on tests do-it-yourself carried out at home today 208 positive tests were recorded out of a total of 255 entered. Since the portal was activated, out of a total of 205,281 self-reported tests, 168,046 were positive.

The situation of health operators forced home by Covid-19 is improving: today, there were 6,357 aces, practically half of the approximately 13,000 in mid-April. The active and non-active cases are now 51,185.

Meanwhile, a new study from Héma-Québec estimates that more than one in four adults in the province developed Covid-19 starting between January and mid-March of this year. The researchers compared the presence of a previous sample of the same person taken prior to the arrival of the Omicron variant and found that 27.8 percent of Quebec’s adult population was infected in the first two and a half months of this year.

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

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