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“Open This Church!” People support Artur Pawłowski, a Polish pastor in Calgary

What does a masked dancing stripper have in common with Ramadan, Netflix, marijuana buyer, a gym, a T-shirt bought on Amazon and the church of Polish pastor Arthur Pawłowski in Calgary?

Screen Shot of Scott's Kernaghan post on Twitter
Screen Shot of Scott’s Kernaghan post on Twitter

On Monday, a Polish pastor in Calgary, Artur Pawłowski, was released from jail. On Saturday he was arrested for organizing an illegal service in his church.

Although it might seem obvious that it is necessary to follow the recommendations to limit the spread of the coronavirus, there is more this story that has been happening in Alberta.

Pastor Pawłowski twice kicked the police and public health services out of his church, calling them Nazis and Gestapo. The police and officials wanted to check whether the rules limiting the number of people during gatherings, wearing facemasks and physical distancing are respected in the Christian church.

Earlier, Pastor Pawłowski was fined several times for breaking Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, when he organized food distribution to the homeless, the poor and the neediest in this center of Calgary.

Since the fines amount to many thousands of dollars, the faithful and sympathetic to the Polish pastor announced on the Internet campaigns to support him, aimed at covering the cost of penalties and lawyers defending his rights.

The actions met with enormous support from people both in Canada and in the United States.

The news portal Rebel News has recently launched a special website,, through which donors can provide financial support for fines, court fees and lawyers.

People support the pastor financially and in every other way possible.

Scott Kernaghan composed and recorded his own song in an empty church in support of Pastor Pawłowski: “Open This Church!”

In the lyrics of the song, he captures the present reality in Calgary, Alberta and Canada and calls for the Opening of this Church, that is, the Pawlowski’s Church.

The author sings that now you can buy a T-shirt on Amazon, you can be a guest – unfaithful at a Ramadan party, you can freely buy marijuana, wine and asks – “what’s going on?” Scott in the chorus sings that he wants to be taken to the Lord’s house, here where the church with the tower stands. He continues to sing about how a stripper can dance in a mask, you can be brainwashed by Netflix if you have the cash, but his gym is actually closed.

So, what does he want? He wants to “Open This Church.”

Here is the link to the song composed for Pastor Artur Pawłowski:




Here is the link to the author’s Twitter account:

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