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Кто может пересечь границу Канады? Можем ли мы свободно поехать в США и Европу?

Кто может пересечь границу Канады? Можем ли мы свободно поехать в США и Европу?

Сейчас середина лета, многие из нас уже были в отпуске, а многие только планируют это. Мы хотели бы навестить друзей или родственников или провести отпуск своей мечты в Соединенных Штатах или Европе. Наши родственники, родственники и друзья хотели бы навестить нас в Канаде. (more…)

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Dal Canada agli Usa o in Europa: un vero rebus

TORONTO – Chi può attraversare il confine canadese? Possiamo andare liberamente negli USA e in Europa? Siamo in piena estate, molti di noi sono già stati in vacanza e molti di noi stanno ancora pianificando le proprie ferie. Vorremmo visitare amici o parenti o trascorrere una vacanza da sogno negli Stati Uniti o Europa. I nostri familiari e amici vorrebbero farci visita in Canada. Sappiamo chi, quando e dove potrà viaggiare? E sappiamo chi e quando potrà venire a trovarci in Canada? … Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Wer darf die kanadische Grenze überqueren? Können wir frei in die USA und nach Europa einreisen?

Wir sind mitten im Sommer, viele von uns waren schon im Urlaub und viele von uns planen noch. Wir möchten Freunde oder Verwandte besuchen oder einen Traumurlaub in den USA oder Europa verbringen. Unsere Verwandten und Freunde möchten uns in Kanada besuchen.

Wissen wir, wer, wann und wohin reisen kann? Und wissen wir, wer und wann uns in Kanada besuchen kann? (more…)

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Kto może przekraczać granicę Kanady? Czy możemy swobodnie udać się do USA i Europy?

Mamy środek lata, wielu z nas było już na wakacjach a wielu z nas je dopiero planuje. Chcielibyśmy odwiedzić znajomych lub krewnych bądź spędzić wymarzony urlop w Stanach Zjednoczonych czy w Europie. Nasi bliscy, krewni i znajomi chcieliby odwiedzić nas w Kanadzie.

Czy wiemy kto, kiedy i dokąd będzie mógł podróżować? Oraz czy wiemy kto i kiedy będzie mógł nas w Kanadzie odwiedzić? (more…)

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Who can cross the Canada border? Can we go freely to the USA and Europe?

We are in the middle of summer, many of us have already been on vacation and many of us are still planning it. We would like to visit friends or relatives or spend a dream vacation in the United States or Europe. Our relatives and friends would like to visit us in Canada.

Do we know who, when and where will be able to travel? And do we know who and when will be able to visit us in Canada? (more…)

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Looming job action by Ontario optometrists may leave patients in the dark

Time is running out for eye care patients in Ontario. As of September 1, most of Ontario’s optometrists will stop providing services to seniors, adults and children covered by OHIP.

In March, an overwhelming 96% of Ontario optometrists voted to withdraw eye care services to patients covered under the Provincial health care plan. The action by the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) stems from more than three decades of underfunding by the Ontario government. (more…)

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Ang Panganib ng Opioid Habang May Pandemya

Bago mag pandemya, may nakausap akong kaibigan na nagtatrabaho sa Eaton Centre. Pagka ang shift niya ay bago magsara ang tindahan na pinapasukan niya, nakakatagpo siya paglabas niya sa mall ng mga tao kakaiba ang kilos, na alam niya na may ininom o ininiksiyon sa katawan. Sabi niya, hindi siya nagaalala sa mga taong nakatira sa kalye. Ang inaalala niya ay mga “druggies” dahil nangmomolestiya sa mga hindi kakilala at sa pamamaraang hindi kanaisnais. (more…)

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Bitcoin Mahirap Intindihin 

Noon Bieyernes 25 nang Hunio 2021 ang pagunahin balita na umuugong sa Google ay Kryptokuransy (1) Ethereum, Dogecoin, BNB, XRP, (2)- maga pagalan parang planeta, diretsong galing sa siansiya pangisip-na nag dudulot nang kaguluhan o pag kasindak. Sa lahat nang ito ay ang Bitcoin. Kunting pagka takataka? Ang 52-lingo taas nang Bitcoin dating $64,863. Noon 9:06 Bieryernes nang umaga nang 25 nang Junio 2021 ito ay bumagsak pag baba nang $33,100.54. Maga experto sa prohekto sinabi na ang bagay na ito ay lalong lalala. (more…)

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Bitcoin is a Bit Hard to Understand 

On Friday, June 25, 2021, the number one news trending in Google was cryptocurrency.  Ethereum, Dogecoin, BNB, XRP – sounding like names of planets, straight out of science fiction – were causing quite a stir, if not panic.  At the centre of it all was Bitcoin. Bitcurious? The 52-week high of Bitcoin had been $64,863.  At 9:06 am on Friday, June 25, 2021, it plummeted down to $33,100.54.  Experts project that things are going get worse. (more…)

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“More trade and jobs thanks to CETA, despite Covid-19”

TORONTO/ROME – Since the entry into force of Ceta, the Global Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union, trade between Italy and Canada has increased by more than 22% and Italian exports of goods and services to Canada are increased by 25% with the creation of 63,000 jobs in Italy: these are some of the numbers contained in the report that the Canadian Ambassador to Italy, Alexandra Bugailiskis (in the pic, from the Italian government website), presented to the European Union Policy Commission of the Senate. Numbers that, according to the Ambassador, suggest that CETA will play a decisive role in the post-pandemic recovery and “will help make our economies stronger, greener and more sustainable”. (more…)

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“Più scambi commerciali e posti di lavoro grazie al CETA, nonostante il Covid-19”

TORONTO/ROMA – Dall’entrata in vigore del Ceta, l’Accordo Economico e Commerciale Globale tra il Canada e l’Unione Europea , gli scambi commerciali fra Italia e Canada sono aumentati di oltre il 22% e le esportazioni italiane di beni e servizi verso il Canada sono cresciute del 25% con la creazione di ben 63.000 posti di lavoro in Italia: sono alcuni dei numeri contenuti nella relazione che l’Ambasciatrice del Canada in Italia, Alexandra Bugailiskis (nella foto sopra, tratta dal suo profilo Twitter), ha presentato alla Commissione Politiche dell’Unione Europea del Senato. Numeri che, secondo l’Ambasciatrice, lasciano presagire che il Ceta svolgerà un ruolo determinante nella ripresa post-pandemica e “contribuirà a rendere le nostre economie più forti, verdi e sostenibili”. (more…)

Canada Health & Medicine Interviews Italian

Fabio De Luca, un luminare della cardiochirurgia in visita a Vancouver

(Fatti Nostri / Anna Foschi) Un ricordo di due estati fa. Seduta al tavolino di un caffè, in una tiepida mattina di settembre, di fronte a quest’uomo affabile e pacato che irradia sicurezza e competenza, mi viene spontaneo pensare a quante persone si saranno trovate di fronte a lui, nel suo studio di cardiologo, cardiochirurgo e chirurgo vascolare, inseguendo una speranza, aspettando una risposta che schiudesse loro un futuro migliore, affidandogli le proprie prospettive di vita. Perché il mio interlocutore, il Professor Fabio De Luca (nella foto), è un luminare della cardioangiochirurgia, e ancora di più, è… Read More in Fatti Nostri >>> 

English Featured Health & Medicine World News

Childhood immunization rates against preventable diseases in decline

In the race to vaccinate the masses against Covid-19 and bring an end to the pandemic, a troubling concern emerges. Millions of children are falling behind on routine childhood vaccinations.

Covid-19 has disrupted several aspects of our lives, from social to economic and most significantly our health. The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals some alarming data following previous warnings that the pandemic would negatively impact basic vaccinations among children.


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Mississauga named one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities worldwide

Cities are the engines of economic growth. In a modern society, technology plays a key role in making cities function better, faster and smarter. Tools like network connections, computers, sensors and cameras, can help communities use integrated data to make wiser decisions. A digitally “Smart City” is a benefit to its residents, but an “intelligent community” is one that uses information and technology to drive prosperity, tackle social and economic issues and helps enrich the lives of its inhabitants.

This year, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) named Mississauga as one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities in the world. (more…)

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Ontario enhances support for new career opportunities

Thanks to improvements in key health indicators, Ontario will move into Step 3 of the province’s reopening plan on Friday. That means the easing of Covid-19 restrictions for several public health and workplace measures including capacity limits for indoor/outdoor settings. It also opens opportunity for more Ontarians to return to work.


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Are incentives necessary to promote vaccination?

“The best things in life are free”, or so the saying goes. Sounds appropriate if the best chance at seeing an end to the Covid-19 pandemic is through vaccination. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance for life to return to normal? The fact that Covid-19 vaccines are free for anyone wanting added protection against a potentially lethal virus should be incentive enough.

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Un gruppo di ricercatori italiani in USA chiede l’abolizione del Travel Ban

ROMA – “Un gruppo di cittadini italiani che lavorano in USA ha scritto una lettera appello al Ministro Di Maio e raccolto circa 1300 firme per chiedere l’eliminazione del Travel Ban in modo da permettere agli italiani che lavorano negli Stati Uniti di poter viaggiare liberamente tra Italia e USA”. A renderlo noto è l’onorevole Fucsia Fitzgerald Nissoli (nella foto), deputata di Forza Italia eletta in Nord e Centro America. (more…)

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Ang Panlimang Pinakamalaking Kalakal-Panluwas ng Canada

Nang bumisita ang aking ina sa Toronto nung dekadang setenta, ito ang binigay niyang impresyon sa siyudad: napakalamig at maraming puno. Datapwat pumanaw na siya, aking naaalala siya ngayong sumusulat ako tungkol sa mga punongkahoy. Ipinanganak at lumaki ako sa lungsod ng Manila na konti lang ang mga puno. meron meron naman isang matandang Acacia na malapit sa amin na ginagamit na tagpuan o palatandaan ng mga tao. (more…)

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Canada’s Fifth Largest Export

When my mother returned to Manila from her visit to Toronto in the early 70s, she was asked of her impressions about the city, to which she gave the following observations: it is too cold and the city is a forest. My mom is gone now yet I think of her as I write this piece. Like her, I’m an urbanite. Born and raised in Manila where trees were a rarity when I was living there, I can only remember one big tree near our place – an Acacia tree. It was so old that people used it as a landmark when giving directions. (more…)

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Tindahan nang Kanabis – Esensial?

Ang katapusan mundo ay parang nasa atin na nitong Marso 2020, nang ang maga iskuwelahan at maga tindahan ay sabaysabay nag sarado. Samantalang makikita ang mahabang pila ay makikita na palaki nang palaki sa harap nang tindahan kanabis Armsterdam. Sa Toronto noon unang dagsa, sa pakiramdam mo ang grosaring tindahan lang ang nakabukas. Iyon at ang tindahan lang nang kanabis. Parang ang kanabis ay lumalabas ito’y nasa listahan nang importanteng pagagailagan. Sa pag bisita harap harapan sa iyong pamily doktor ay hindi nasama sa listahan. (more…)

Community English Featured Health & Medicine Opinion

Cannabis Shops are Essential – Agree?

“The End of the World” was upon us in March 2020 and as schools and shops were shuttering up, long lineups built up in front of cannabis cafes in Amsterdam . In Toronto during that First Wave, it felt like the only place open was the grocery store. That, and the cannabis shops . Somehow, cannabis made it to the list of essentials . In-person visits to your family doctor, did not . (more…)

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মহামারিতে গার্মেন্ট শ্রমিকদের বঞ্চিত করছে এইচঅ্যান্ডএম, নাইকি ও প্রাইমার্ক

নেদারল্যান্ড ভিত্তিক শ্রমাধিকার সংগঠন ক্লিন ক্লথস ক্যাম্পেইন তাদের মর্মস্পর্শী নতুন এক প্রতিবেদনে জানিয়েছে যে, কোভিড-১৯ মহামারিতে বাংলাদেশ, কম্বোডিয়া ও ইন্দোনেশিয়ায় এইচঅ্যান্ডএম, নাইকি ও প্রাইমার্ক তাদের গার্মেন্ট শ্রমিকদের যথেচ্ছ বঞ্চিত করে চলেছে। এই সকল দেশে ৪৯ জন গার্মেন্ট শ্রমিককে মহামারি চলাকালীন পরিস্থিতিতে কতোটা মজুরি, কর্মপরিবেশ ও শ্রমাধিকার বঞ্চিত করা হয়েছে তারই মর্মস্পর্শী চিত্র ওই প্রতিবেদনে ফুটে ওঠেছে। (more…)

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H&M, Nike and Primark use pandemic to squeeze garment workers

In a hard-hitting new research report, the Nederland based Clean Clothes Campaign finds that H&M, Nike and Primark have driven factory workers in their supply chains in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia into desperation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews conducted with 49 garment workers in these countries demonstrate that the Coronavirus-induced crisis continues to have a devastating impact on the wages, working conditions, and labor rights of garment workers. (more…)

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Virus and suspects: Rota challenges Trudeau about the scientists fired in Winnipeg

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

Anthony Rota challenges Justin Trudeau. The battleground is the controversial story surrounding the firing of two virologists of Chinese origin from the National Microbiology Laboratory, a maximum-security laboratory in Winnipeg where lethal viruses such as Ebola are studied. (more…)

Education Matters Ontario Podcasts & Videos Portuguese

Holy Cross Catholic Academy é reconhecida como uma IB World School

Article by  Priscilla Pajdo — Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio

Há uma notícia empolgante para os intelectuais da região de York. A Holy Cross Catholic Academy (CA) é agora reconhecida como uma IB World School autorizada para o International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Programa de Diploma de Bacharelato Internacional). (more…)

Business & Economy English News Updates Ontario

Reopening, Step 2 starts in Ontario tomorrow

We missed being able to dine outside, we missed coffee with friends, we missed the mall. But we also missed – and our uncultivated hairstyles bear witness to this – the hairdresser. From tomorrow, with Ontario entering Step 2, it will be possible to do all this and more. The long-awaited relaxation of some of the restrictions with reopening non-essential shops, albeit at 25% of capacity, bodes well after so many difficult months. (more…)

Canada English Health & Medicine Politics

Viruses and suspects: Rota challenges Trudeau about scientists fired in Winnipeg

TORONTO – Anthony Rota challenges Justin Trudeau. The battleground is the controversial story surrounding the dismissal of two virologists of Chinese origin from the National Microbiology Laboratory, a maximum-security laboratory in Winnipeg where lethal viruses such as Ebola are studied. This tug-of-war, which has been developing for several weeks, has gone a little undertrack but is likely to lead to a serious institutional crisis between the legislative and executive powers here in Canada in the near future. (more…)

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