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The Pope at Angelus from the hospital: “Healthcare free for all, like in Italy”

“A free health service that ensures a good service accessible to all”. Pope Francis’s appeal started from the tenth floor balcony of the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, where the Pontiff is still hospitalized after the surgery a week ago. Despite the surgical operation he underwent, Bergoglio did not want to give up the Sunday Angelus and therefore went to the balcony (in the photo, taken from the video of the Vatican News YouTube channel), accompanied by some sick people, including three children, to talk in front of a crowd of faithful gathered for the occasion in front of the hospital.

“In these days of hospitalization, I have experienced once again how important it is – said Pope Francis – a good health service, accessible to all, as there is in Italy and in other countries. A free health service that ensures good service accessible to all. This precious asset must not be lost. We must keep it! And for this we must all commit ourselves, because it serves everyone and asks for everyone’s contribution. Even in the Church it sometimes happens that some health institution, due to bad management, is not doing well economically, and the first thought that comes to us is to sell it. But your vocation is in the Church: it is not having money, it is doing the service, and the service is always free. Don’t forget: save free institutions ”.

Then, a thought for the little ones. “Here are some sick children friends, why do children suffer? Why do children suffer is a question that touches the heart: accompany them with prayer and pray for all the sick, especially for those in more difficult conditions: no one is left alone, everyone may receive the anointing of listening, closeness, tenderness, and care “.

At the end of the Angelus recitation, Francis also made an appeal for the situation in Haiti (where in recent days a commando assassinated President Jovenal Moise by breaking into his residence) hoping that the country will lay down arms and choose to live together fraternally. He then recalled that today in Italy, on the initiative of the Bishops’ Conference, Sunday of the Sea is celebrated, recommending that the health of the sea be taken care of: “No plastic in the sea!”, he affirmed.

Finally, the Pope recalled “how many today in Poland participate in the pilgrimage of the Radio Maria family to the Shrine of Czestochowa” and greeted “the Benedictines and the Benedictines all over the world” and wished Europe (“Che be united in its founding values ​​”) in today’s feast of St. Benedict, Abbot and Patron of Europe.

Here is the English version of the complete video of the Pope’s Angelus (Vatican News YouTube channel)

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