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Time of cheap airline tickets

Now is the time for you to buy cheap airline tickets to anywhere in Canada. The airlines have a feeling that the restrictions will soon be relaxed, and Canadians will be able to enjoy their freedom of travelling again. Right now, you can buy airline tickets to anywhere in Canada at very attractive prices. Such offers, however, will certainly not last too long.

Currently, you can buy a ticket with the airline West Jet from Toronto to Vancouver for $ 127.83 one way. You can fly from Toronto to Calgary for $ 12 less – or a price of $ 115.49. A ticket from Toronto to Kelowna costs $ 143.

These prices currently are available not just for the duration the lockdown. On the West Jet and Air Canada websites you can buy discounted tickets for dates up to the end of 2021.

So now is the best time to plan a trip within Canada for this year.

Airlines cut prices drastically for many reasons. They know very well that the Canadian government will soon ease travel restrictions. So, this fact is of great importance to airlines that can already top up their accounts with a significant inflow of cash. Interest in travel can be aroused precisely by offering low prices. In this way, airlines will create demand.

Airlines have been using the practice of lowering ticket prices to increase demand for a long time, but such marketing campaigns are usually short-lived. Therefore, it is important to use them just as they arise.

Another aspect we deal with is creating confidence in travel among Canadians. Many of us have no conviction yet or are simply afraid to travel. So, in the near future we will probably find out that traveling is safe again. Low prices are indirectly meant to convince this to happen.

When we start buying tickets and informing our relatives and friends that we are planning a trip, we will slowly build their confidence to start planning their trip.

However, as more people become interested in travel, cheap tickets from Air Canada and West Jet will disappear. For each flight there is only a limited number of tickets in the cheaper air fare.

The airline is certainly not going to make money on the Toronto-Vancouver route with $ 130 tickets.

Current promotions from airlines offering massively low-cost flights within Canada means they are confident that the domestic demand is about to begin. Lower prices are currently on offer only for journeys within Canada.

At the moment, there is a general expectation of easing the restrictions in all provinces. The provinces seem to be gradually getting ready to lift certain restrictions. All signs tell us that we can expect good news about possibility of travelling pretty soon.

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