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Toronto welcomes Biman’s longest haul flight from Dhaka

TORONTO – Eventually Biman Bangladesh Airlines will be the longest haul flight from Dhaka to Toronto, a more than 18.5 hours flight both ways, which already been welcomed by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). 

Before, the longest being Philippine Airlines between Toronto-Manila, is a 16.5 hours flight. Among others are more than 15 hours: Toronto- Guangzhou (China Southern), Toronto-Hong Kong (Air Canada, Cathay Pacific), Toronto-Xi’An (Hainan Airlines), Toronto-Taipei (Eva Air) and Toronto-Delhi (Air Canada, Air India).

In connection to Biman’s commemorative flight, the GTAA senior communications advisor, Ms Tory Gass said, “We are excited to welcome this new airline to Toronto Pearson and look forward to when regular service commences in June.” She also added, “We’re not aware of any government officials attending the airport for this flight” and “a commemoration event was not planned” for it.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh High Commissioner to Canada, Dr. Khalil Rahman joined in a gathering of expatriates in Toronto to welcome Biman’s endeavor to Canada and expressed his high aspirations.

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