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TTC says completion of work between St. George and St. Andrew allows to eliminate up to 100 future weekend closures

The Toronto Transit Commission said in a news release (June 4) that work accomplished during the three 10-day shutdowns will allow the TTC to eliminate between 75-100 planned weekend closures over the next few years as well as eliminate the need to bypass Museum and Queen’s Park stations for up to two years.

Last week, the TTC completed its third 10-day closure on the portion of Line 1 between St George and St Andrew stations. The closure, which took place from May 17-26, allowed the TTC to take advantage of continued low ridership to make significant progress on critical state-of-good repair work.

During the three 10-day closures in March, April, and May, the TTC removed and replaced approximately 44,000 sq. ft. of ceiling in the affected stations. Repair work was also completed on the flooring at Museum, Queen’s Park and Osgoode stations.

Mayor John Tory, who commended TTC “for expediting and completing this work during this unprecedented emergency” as well as the patience of TTC riders, stressed that “work will ensure we continue to have a safe and reliable transit system for years to come and that we are ready to welcome riders back as we safely reopen.”

Rick Leary, Chief Executive Officer of TTC, also highlighted the importance of the works that allowed “spare our customers years of disruption and inconvenience”. “I’m very pleased that we were able to accomplish this much in a relatively short period of time – we’ve done approximately 18 months of work in 30 days. I want to thank everyone involved for their hard work and thank our customers for their patience.”

During the most recent closure, TTC removed asbestos from the southbound platforms of St. Patrick’s and Queen’s Park stations, which completes asbestos abatement in that area. Also, according to TTC, in March and April, asbestos was removed from the northbound platforms of these stations.

The news release also states that additional work done includes the installation of higher capacity traction power cables, and the removal of old cables. TTC crews also installed new communication infrastructure, including additional Train Door Monitoring conduits for future OPTO (One Person Train Operation) implementation at Osgoode and Museum stations.

By completing planned maintenance ahead of schedule, TTC says it can now turn its attention to architectural refinishing and modernization of the station platforms.

Photo credits: TTC

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