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Virus, 14 more victims in Ontario but the infection recedes

TORONTO – Slight drop in hospitalizations today in Ontario, but still many deaths: 14, bringing the total number of victims related to Covid-19, from the beginning of the pandemic, in Ontario, to 13,034. 

1,451 infected people in the hospitals of the province, of which 175 in intensive care: the total number of hospitalized patients therefore dropped significantly in 24 hours (yesterday they were 1,528), while that of patients in intensive care remained substantially sent (Wednesday was 176).

As for the new infections, 2,160 were reported today, however an underestimate compared to the real situation since the “official” tests (i.e. those on which the data are then based) are reserved only for the “at risk” categories, therefore to a small number of Ontarians. 16,360 swabs processed in the last 24 hours, with a positive rate of 10.7% which therefore drops from 11.3% on Wednesday.

In the Greater Toronto Area, provincial health officials reported 417 new cases in Toronto, 204 in the York region, 151 in the Peel region. Also recorded 128 new cases in Ottawa, 123 in Simcoe-Muskoka and 116 in Hamilton. All other areas reported fewer than 100 new cases. The Province also found 106 cases among residents and 35 cases among long-term care facility staff across Ontario and 5 of the 14 deaths reported today in nursing and retirement home residents. According to data held by provincial health officials, there are still 195 inpatient care homes that are currently facing a Covid-19 outbreak.

The active and known cases in Ontario are now, official, 20,755: a number still decreasing (yesterday they were 21,211).

2,602 healings today: the total of patients who won the infection is now, in Ontario, 1,247,571 out of 1,281,360 laboratory-confirmed cases of the onset of the pandemic.

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