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Youngest elected member of the Azorean Diaspora Council wants to be a representative voice of the Azorean people in Ontario

The youngest member of the Azorean Diaspora Council (CDA) wants to be a strong and active voice, representing the Azorean people in Ontario, and to promote the Azores region to the various generations, with a particular focus on the younger generation.

“I am ready to listen, act and advocate for Azoreans across Ontario and as one of the youngest voices at the table, I will continue to promote the Azores of today for younger generations, while honouring those who came before me”, says the Council representative in his message.

Matthew Correia (in the pic), one of five elected CDA members in Canada, promises to honor the cultural legacy and work hard during his four-year term in office to see an increase in the number of people registered in the digital platform – Azoreans in the World

Correia also believes that “now is the time to make positive changes and encourage better dialogue between our province and our beloved homeland”.

The Vice-presidency of the Government of the Azores, through the Regional Directorate for Communities, announced on May 26, on the digital platform Azoreans in the World, the result of the voting for the election of the first 19 Councillors of the Azorean Diaspora.
The election registered an overall turnout of around 60%. Of the 569 voters who registered on that platform during the last 17 months, 336 voted (59.05%) and all 19 Councillors of the Azorean Diaspora provided for in Regional Legislative Decree no. 18/2019/A, of 5 August, representing 18 different geographic areas, where the Azorean presence is more expressive.
Voting took place over five days, from May 20-24, culminating in the Day of the Azores, through the platform Azoreans in the World. The results have already been verified by the electoral commission and ratified by the Vice-President of the Government of the Azores.

In Canada, were elected Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto (writer, 66), for the Province of British Columbia; Paulo Jorge Cabral (honorary consul, 60), for the Province of Manitoba; Matthew Correia (‘project manager’ and television presenter, 29), for the Province of Ontario; Victor Faria (Marketing and Sales Manager, 43), for the Province of Quebec; and Carlos Eduardo de Almeida (lawyer, 53), for the other Canadian provinces.

The Installation Ceremony of the Azorean Diaspora Council with the Counselors Swearing in, in person and online, will be held on June 10, Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day, at 18:00 (Azores time).

Livestream transmission on social networks, through the Facebook page of the Presidency of the Government, the Regional Directorate for Communities, and the website of Açorianos no Mundo.

The Azorean Diaspora Council is an advisory body created in 2019, which aims to ensure the participation, collaboration, and consultation of all those who wish to contribute to the development project of the Azores.

It is chaired by the President of Government of the Azores, José Manuel Bolieiro, and consists of 35 members, including 19 representatives elected by the Azorean communities.

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