Day: 5 June 2022

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GTA and Southern Ontario, gasoline breaks new record at $ 214.9 per litre

TORONTO – Gasoline prices are skyrocketing. The price increases for fuels do not stop, on the contrary they reach new records. Today pump prices reached a record $214.9 per liter in GTA and most of southern Ontario. And the day before, Saturday, they had touched $2.11 per liter. An unstoppable race to the top that infuriates powerless motorists in the face of the increases that are now almost the order of the day. 


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Covid-19 in Ontario, hospitalizations and positivity are still decreasing

TORONTO – It happens every weekend: also today the number of infected patients in Ontario hospitals dropped. From 670 patients last Thursday to 419 today, the lowest level recorded in five months. The last time that the hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 had dropped to such a low level was on 26 December 2021, when they were 373.  (more…)

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The election results: failure to ignite the imagination?

TORONTO – The month of June has so far offered up an almost surreal political menu. On June 1, the Mayor of Vaughan closed off a self-indulgent birthday party, under the guise of a “spirit of generosity” event, to tell the City and all present that he had had enough of them all and was not going to seek re-election as Mayor. 

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