About Us

Welcome to the Canadian National Multilingual News Group (CNMNG).
This is a project made possible through funding by Canadian Heritage.

CNMNG aims to gather news researched and written by a corps of Canadian-based journalists/writers from the country’s multilingual community groups.

The overall goal is to inform, analyze and critique the issues of the day in a professional manner and to provide that to publishers and editors active in the ethnocultural-multilingual press and media whose experience provides them with a perspective that is sensitive to news relevant to their own language group.

Writers/contributors are drawn from an existing cadre resident in those communities.

All contributions, irrespective of the topic, are from a Canadian perspective and they are translated and shared in the language of the participating groups.

Potential authors, photojournalists, or video contributors are invited to contact info@cnmng.ca.  Advertisers may do the same.  Publishers wishing to use any of the content will seek prior approval at info@cnmng.ca.

Any opinions, where expressed, are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the CNMNG.

If you encounter any issues navigating through the site, or have recommendations for improvement, please contact info@cnmng.ca.