Prime Minister announces apology for the internment of Italian Canadians during the Second World War

OTTAWA – The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced that on May 27, 2021, he will deliver a formal apology in the House of Commons for the internment of Italian

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“Sbarcare” in Canada, un’Odissea. L’impresa raccontata giorno per giorno

TORONTO – “Sbarcare” in Canada in tempi di Covid-19 è una specie di moderna “Odissea”. Superarla è un’impresa e per farlo è necessario seguire alla lettera tutte le prescrizioni, facendo

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In Ontario come June, vaccines also for young people aged 12 to 17

TORONTO – By the end of June, the vaccination campaign in Ontario will also be extended to young people, from 12 to 17 years of age. Ontario’s Minister of Health,

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Business & Economy

A new path forward for Skilled Trades in Ontario

The Ontario Government is paving a new way towards a more efficient certification process for trades people in Ontario. The new system, Skilled Trades Ontario (STO), will replace the Ontario

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Political Fraud in Schools and the Church

How odd. Thanks to the nonsensical, even inane musings (but they are done with passion) of trustees in Catholic school boards, the real Human drama of life is taking place

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Education Matters

Political Fraud in Schools and the Church

TORONTO – How odd. Thanks to the nonsensical, even inane musings (but they are done with passion) of trustees in Catholic school boards, the real Human drama of life is

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Il debutto ufficiale della “Principessa rock”: Vittoria di Savoia ‘Queen of Italy’ sul New York Times

Se l’Italia dovesse tornare alla monarchia, non avrà un re ma una regina. E sarà la “principessa rock” Vittoria Cristina Chiara Adelaide Maria (nella foto sopra), nipote di Vittorio Emanuele

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Nursing week: dedicated to those who “Answer The Call”

All this week, Canadians across the nation draw attention to nurses and the vital role they play in Canada’s health care community. The theme of this year’s Nursing Week (May

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Education Matters

Pressionar o governo do Ontário para reabrir escolas

Por MARIELLA POLICHENI – Video: Luis Aparicio   TORONTO – A pergunta que os pais de crianças em idade escolar estão a fazer estes dias é apenas uma: haverá alguma possibilidade

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Business & Economy Podcasts & Videos Portuguese

Um novo caminho para as profissões especializadas no Ontário

Por Priscilla Pajdo – Video: Luis Aparicio

O governo do Ontário está a preparar um novo caminho para um processo de certificação mais eficiente para pessoas especializadas no Ontário. O novo sistema, Skilled Trades Ontario (STO), vai substituir o Ontario College of Trades (OCOT). (more…)

Filipino Opinion

Malade Non-Imaginaire

Ang kulay ko ay nalalagas. Huwag kang mag alala hindi ito Kobid. Hindi naman ako nasa kimo. May maliit na bukol sa mutha ko. Parang tagyawat. Maaring pumasa ito bilang isang tagyawat. Alam ko hindi tagyawat ito dahil mahigit nang isang taon na nandito ito. Kung ako’y mamatay sa pandemia wala akong kilay at puno nang tagyawat ang mukha. Hinahanap morning iyon dati kong mukha na puno nang kilay at walang tagyawat. Pero ganyan talaga ang buhay hindi mo maari ang lahat. (more…)

Canada Polish Travel

Air Transat przedłuża zawieszenie wszystkich lotów do końca lipca

Wakacyjno – charterowa linia lotnicza Air Transat ogłosiła właśnie, że przedłuża do 29 lipca zawieszenie wszystkich lotów, w związku z obowiązującymi restrykcjami w podróżach w Kanadzie i za granicą.

Air Transat Canadian Montreal based airline
Air Transat Canadian Montreal based airline

Linia lotnicza, zarządzana przez firmę turystyczną Transat AT poinformowała pasażerów na swojej stronie internetowej o (more…)

English Filipino Opinion

Malade Non-Imaginaire

My eyebrows are falling out.  Don’t worry, it’s not COVID.  I’m not on chemo.  There is a tiny lump on my face.  It looks like a pimple.  It could pass for a pimple.  I know it’s not a pimple because it has been there for a year now.  If I die in this pandemic, I’m going to be eyebrow-less, pimple-faced.  I miss the old me, the one that was eyebrow-full, pimple-less.  But in this life, you can’t have it all. (more…)

Canada Community German

“Öffne diese Kirche!” Die Menschen unterstützen Artur Pawłowski, einen polnischen Pastor in Calgary

Was hat eine maskierte tanzende Stripperin mit Ramadan, Netflix, Marihuana-Käufer, einem Fitnessstudio, einem bei Amazon gekauften T-Shirt und der Kirche des polnischen Pastors Arthur Pawłowski in Calgary gemeinsam?

Screen Shot of Scott's Kernaghan post on Twitter
Screen Shot of Scott’s Kernaghan post on Twitter

Am Montag wurde ein polnischer Pastor in Calgary, Artur Pawłowski, aus dem Gefängnis entlassen. Am Samstag wurde er verhaftet, weil er (more…)

Canada Community English

“Open This Church!” People support Artur Pawłowski, a Polish pastor in Calgary

What does a masked dancing stripper have in common with Ramadan, Netflix, marijuana buyer, a gym, a T-shirt bought on Amazon and the church of Polish pastor Arthur Pawłowski in Calgary?

Screen Shot of Scott's Kernaghan post on Twitter
Screen Shot of Scott’s Kernaghan post on Twitter

On Monday, a Polish pastor in Calgary, Artur Pawłowski, was released from jail. On Saturday he was arrested for (more…)

Canada Community Polish

„Otworzyć Ten Kościół!” Ludzie wspierają Artura Pawłowskiego, polskiego pastora w Calgary

Co łączy tańczącą striperkę w maseczce z Ramadanem, Netflixem, kupującym marihuanę, siłownią, koszulką z Amazona i kościołem polskiego pastora Artura Pawłowskiego w Calgary?

Screen Shot of Scott's Kernaghan post on Twitter
Screen Shot of Scott’s Kernaghan post on Twitter

W poniedziałek na wolność wyszedł polski pastor w Calgary, Artur Pawłowski, który w sobotę był aresztowany za (more…)

Education Matters English

High schools, year divided into ‘quadmester’

The next school year in Ontario’s high schools will also be divided into ‘quadmester’. That’s what Toronto District School Board (TDSB) spokesman Ryan Bird said. “The Ministry of Education has ordered all school boards, including the TDSB, to follow a program that emphasizes as much as possible the division into groups of students, which translates into the “quadmester model” (more…)

Canada Culture Language Portuguese

Festival de Curtas da União Europeia de 27 a 29 de maio

Uma viagem pela Europa através de 21 curtas-metragens

Portugal participa com a curta-metragem Som e Fúria (Nha Mila)

A oitava edição do Festival Anual de Curtas-Metragens da União Europeia, regressa em formato virtual pelo segundo ano consecutivo. Este evento online é apresentado em colaboração com a delegação da União Europeia no Canadá e as embaixadas e institutos culturais dos Estados membros da UE participantes. (more…)

English Health & Medicine

Mixing COVID-19 vaccine doses increases mild symptoms but it is safe

TORONTO – Canada and Ontario are still grappling with the AstraZeneca node. The vaccine, although still considered safe by both Health Canada and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (Naci) has been suspended as a precaution in some provinces of our country. In Ontario, as explained this week by Chief Medical Officer David Williams, the provisional stop was decided for two reasons: on the one hand the necessary caution pending new data on adverse reactions, on the other hand the lack of new supplies due to the announced delays in deliveries. (more…)

Education Matters Podcasts & Videos Romanian

Școli: redeschiderea incerta, concentrare pe septembrie

Mariella Policheni — Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Cu aproximativ o lună și jumătate inainte de sfârșitul anului școlar, guvernul presat de părinți, care vor să știe dacă copiii lor se vor întoarce în sălile de clasă, continuă să pastreze tacerea. După cum se spune, uneori trebuie să citim printre rânduri, adică să ghicim ceea ce nu se spune. (more…)

English Health & Medicine

Stop at AstraZeneca, experts still divided

TORONTO – Ontario is accelerating on the vaccination front. In the province the government is proceeding in stages sent in its dual strategy to curb the covid-19 contagion: on the one hand the progressive lowering of the minimum age in order to book vaccination and on the other hand the sending of at least 50 percent of the doses in the 114 provincial hotspots, those areas that is, where the contagion runs faster. Yesterday the executive confirmed that 50% of adults in the province received at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine. (more…)

English Family Living Featured Health & Medicine

In Ontario come June, vaccines also for young people aged 12 to 17

TORONTO – By the end of June, the vaccination campaign in Ontario will also be extended to young people, from 12 to 17 years of age. Ontario’s Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, however, was keen to clarify that the vaccine against Covid-19 will not be mandatory for this age range. (more…)

Health & Medicine Podcasts & Videos Spanish

Parar la AstraZeneca, los expertos siguen divididos La oferta aumenta por Pfizer y Moderna

Artículo escrito por Francesco Veronesi — Video: Lisa Picerno

 Ontario acelera con el proceso de la vacunación. En la provincia de Ontario, el gobierno está avanzando en etapas enviado en su dual estrategia para frenar el contagio de Covid-19: por un lado, la progresiva reducción de la edad mínima para poder reservar la vacunación y por otro lado el envío de al menos el 50 por ciento de las dosis en los 114 puntos críticos provinciales, aquellas áreas que es donde el contagio corre más rápido. Ayer confirmó el ejecutivo que en la provincia el 50 por ciento de adultos recibieron al menos una dosis de anti-vacuna COVID-19. (more…)

Canada Podcasts & Videos Spanish

Muertes por Covid en Canadá: de 24.402, solo 400 eran menores de 50 años

Articulo escrito por Francesco Veronesi – Video: Lisa Picerno

El Covid-19 en Canadá afectó a muchisimas personas ancianas, mientras el contagio ha afectado a todos los grupos demográficos del país. La confirmación adicional proviene de los últimos datos registrados por el sitio web- (more…)

Canada Community German

“Ich bin in Hong Kong aufgewacht”, sagte ein polnischer Pastor in Calgary, nachdem er aus der Haft entlassen worden war.

Artur Pawłowski ein polnischer Pastor in Calgary, wurde am Samstag verhaftet, weil er während der Pandemie gegen die Vorschriften der öffentlichen Gesundheit verstoßen hatte, nachdem er einen Gottesdienst in seiner Kirche organisiert hatte.

Screenshot from interview on YouTube
Screenshot from interview on YouTube

Die Verhaftung fand auf einer Autobahn statt und das gesamte Ereignis ist in diesem Artikel beschrieben: (more…)

Filipino Opinion

Hindi Tutoong Damo

Sa isang kilalang at ginagalang na Unibersidad sa masikip na siyudad mayroon maliit na lugar na kulay berdeng damo. Ang maga tao ay dinadaan nang paikop Ito, hinahakbagan, o linalampasan. Kahit Ito’y bakuran para makontrol ang mga nag daraan na tao iniikutan, hinahakbagan, o linalampasan pa rin. (more…)

English Filipino Opinion

Artificial Turf

In a reputable university, in an overcrowded city, there is a small patch of green.  People walk around it, over it, through it.  Even when it got barricaded for crowd control, people still found a way to walk around it, over it, through it.  For the record, it is a soccer field.  Okay, okay, field hockey/lacrosse too. (more…)

Commentary Education Matters Portuguese

Fraude política nas escolas e na igreja

TORONTO – Que estranho. Graças a reflexões absurdas, até mesmo fúteis (mas expostas com paixão) pelos conselheiros (trustees) das escolas católicas, o verdadeiro drama humano da vida está ocorrendo dentro da Igreja Católica. 

É coisa de filme.

A autoridade moral e jurídica do primeiro prelado do Canadá, aquele que pode ser eleito Papa ou votar no próximo, está a ser contestada publicamente. (more…)

Covid-19 Updates English News Updates

Status of Covid-19 cases worldwide

Please click on image to enlarge

Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of May 12, 2021 at 5:00pm EST.

India is set to receive a second consignment of medical relief supplies from Canada. The shipment is set to arrive tomorrow and provide additional aid to tackle India’s ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

In the last 24-hours, India’s health officials recorded an additional 323,068 cases, a slight dip from record-highs of more than 400,000 daily new infections earlier month. Since yesterday, the country added another 3,529 Covid-related deaths, bringing the total to 257,754.


Community English GTA Language Ontario

Toronto to purchase dozens of new streetcars from Thunder Bay Alstom plant

A streetcar running on Dundas Street West in Toronto. Photo: Luís Aparício

Toronto will receive $360 million in funding from the federal and provincial governments to move forward with the purchase of dozens of new streetcars. The city had already approved the purchase of 13 new streetcars from the Alstom plant in Thunder Bay in October, but now it will be able to move ahead with the option to purchase another 47, with delivery of the vehicles starting in 2023. (more…)

Covid-19 Updates English

In Ontario 2,320 new infected and 32 more deaths

TORONTO – May 12, 2021: Canada stood yesterday at 1,303,024 positives for Covid-19, an increase of 3,820 more cases than in the previous 24 hours. The number of victims – nationwide – yesterday reached 24,759 total deaths, 53 more than on Tuesday. In Canada yesterday the number of recovered people from the coronavirus stood at 1,201,392. Ontario yesterday reached 499,412 overall positives, an increase of 2,320 new cases compared to Tuesday. (more…)

Community GTA Language Ontario Portuguese

Toronto vai comprar dezenas de novos elétricos da fábrica da Alstom em Thunder Bay

Um elétrico a circular na Dundas Street West, em Toronto. Foto: Luís Aparício

Toronto vai receber um financiamento de 360 milhões de dólares da parte dos governos federal e provincial para avançar com a compra de dezenas de novos elétricos. A cidade já havia aprovado a compra de 13 novos elétricos da fábrica da Alstom em Thunder Bay, em outubro, mas agora poderá avançar com a opção de compra de mais 47, com entrega dos veículos a partir de 2023. (more…)

Community Health & Medicine Podcasts & Videos Turkish

Hemşirelerimize ayrılan bir hafta

Priscilla Pajdo –  – Video: Betul Sarikaya

Bütün bu hafta, ülkenin dört bir yanındaki Kanadalılar, hemşirelere ve Kanada’nın sağlık hizmetleri topluluğunda oynadıkları hayati role dikkat çekiyor. Kanada Hemşireler Derneği tarafından geliştirilen (10-16 Mayıs boyunca suren) bu yılki Hemşirelik Haftası’nın teması: “Çağrılarinizi Yanıtlıyoruz”. (more…)

Community News Updates Podcasts & Videos Romanian

Toronto Board of Health pune presiune pe premierul Ford

Autor – Mariella Policheni – Video: Cristiana Petrescu


TORONTO – Toronto Board of Health, ia de asemenea pozitie cerând guvernului Ontario să redeschidă facilitățile de sport și agrement în aer liber. Luni, membrii consiliului de administrație au votat în unanimitate în favoarea unei moțiuni pentru a îndemna guvernul Ford să ridice interdicțiile impuse de aproape o luna de utilizare a acestor instalații. (more…)

Community Health & Medicine Podcasts & Videos Portuguese

Uma semana dedicada aos enfermeiros que “responderam à chamada”

Priscilla Pajdo – Video: Luis Aparicio

TORONTO – Durante toda esta semana, canadianos de todo o país chamam a atenção para os enfermeiros e o papel vital que eles desempenham na comunidade de saúde do Canadá. O tema da Semana de Enfermagem deste ano (10 a 16 de maio), desenvolvido pela Associação Canadiana de Enfermeiros, é intitulado: “We Answer the Call” (“Nós respondemos à chamada”). (more…)

Community Podcasts & Videos Portuguese

Reabertura de equipamentos ao ar livre: Toronto Board of Health pressiona Ford

Por Mariella Policheni – Video: Luis Aparicio

O Toronto Board of Health também entra em campo para pedir ao governo do Ontário que reabra os equipamentos desportivos e de recreio ao ar livre. Na segunda-feira, os membros do conselho votaram unanimemente a favor de uma moção que pedia ao governo de Ford para suspender a proibição do uso destes equipamentos de recreio ao ar livre, que estão encerrados há quase um mês. (more…)

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