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London vai sediar os Jogos de Verão do Ontário de 2024

O governo provincial anunciou esta terça-feira (22 de junho) que a cidade de London vai sediar os Jogos de Verão do Ontário de 2024 e receber um auxílio financeiro, enquanto cidade anfitriã, de até 1 milhão de dólares. Os jogos de 2020, que originalmente estavam programados para acontecer em London e adiados para 2021 devido à pandemia da COVID-19, não vão avançar. Numa altura em que o Ontário procura reabrir de forma segura e gradual, o governo provincial justifica a decisão tomada para proteger a saúde e o bem-estar de todos os habitantes do Ontário, incluindo todos os participantes, voluntários e funcionários envolvidos na realização dos Jogos do Ontário. (more…)

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London to Host 2024 Ontario Summer Games

The provincial government announced this Tuesday (June 22) that the City of London will be hosting the 2024 Ontario Summer Games and will be provided with a hosting grant of up to $1 million. The 2020 games, which was originally scheduled to take place in London and postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will not proceed. At a time when Ontario seeks to reopen safely and gradually, the provincial government justifies its decision to protect the health and well-being of all Ontario residents, including all participants, volunteers and staff involved in hosting the Ontario Games. (more…)

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“They do not speak for anyone but themselves”

Article by The Hon. Joe Volpe — Video: CNMNG Staff

TORONTO – A month after the Prime Minister stood in the House to Apologize for the internment of Italian Canadians during World War II, somebody – the proverbial “they”– hiding under the cover of five private corporations in Canada, commissioned and published in the Globe and Mail, on June 18, a “Thank You Canada” advertisement. (more…)

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Eine Auslandsreise nach dem 5. Juli wird für Geimpfte einfacher

Für Personen, die vollständig geimpft sind und einen Impfnachweis haben, werden in Kürze einige Beschränkungen aufgehoben.

Die Regierung sagte, dass nur Kanadier und Personen mit ständigem Wohnsitz bei der Einreise nach Kanada die obligatorische Hotelquarantäne umgehen dürfen, sofern sie ihre Unterlagen vor der Ankunft in eine spezielle ArriveCan-App hochladen. (more…)

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Zagraniczna podróż po 5-tym lipca będzie łatwiejsza dla osób zaszczepionych

Niektóre restrykcje zostaną wkrótce zniesione dla osób, które w pełni się zaszczepiły i posiadają dowód szczepienia.

Rząd poinformował, że tylko Kanadyjczycy i osoby ze stałym pobytem będą miały możliwość ominąć obowiązkową hotelową kwarantannę przy wjeździe do Kanady, pod warunkiem, że załadują swoją dokumentację na specjalną aplikację ArriveCan. (more…)

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A trip abroad after July 5 will be easier for vaccinated people

Some restrictions will soon be lifted for people who are fully vaccinated and who have proof of vaccination.

The government said only Canadians and permanent residents will be allowed to bypass the mandatory hotel quarantine when entering Canada, provided they upload their documentation to a dedicated ArriveCan app prior to arrival. (more…)

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রোহিঙ্গা সংকটে জাতিসংঘের সিদ্ধান্তে বাংলাদেশ ‘হতাশ’, কানাডা কী ভাবছে?

টরন্টো, জুন ২১: গতকাল বিশ্ব শরণার্থী দিবসে জাতিসংঘের সাধারণ অধিবেশনে রোহিঙ্গা প্রত্যাবাসনকে ঘিরে মায়ানমার বিষয়ে গৃহীত সিদ্ধান্তে বাংলাদেশ ‘অতিমাত্রায় হতাশ’ হয়েছে, কেননা তা ততোটা ফলপ্রসূ প্রস্তাবনা তুলে ধরতে পারেনি। (more…)

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Matinding Galit sa Himpapawid

Meron akong matagal nang kaibigan na naging empleyado ng isang kompanyang panghimpapawid. Retirado na siya. Pagkatapos ng 46 anos na pagsisilbi, hindi na niya kailangan bumagon nang maaga para lumipad, kumain ng agahan sa gabi, matulog hindi sa gabi kundi sa araw dahil sa iba’t ibang oras sa mga pinupuntahan niya. At nakakasiguro ako na nagpapasalamat siya na tinganggap niya ang gintong relo na ibinigay sa kaniya ng kompanya ngayong may kaguluhan na nangyayari sa himpapawid. (more…)

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Air Rage

I am old friends with a recently retired airline crew member of a flag carrier of an Asian country. He does not regret his decision to stay on the ground after 46 years of flying. For once, he does not have to deal with wakefulness at night, inability to sleep long hours during the day, eating breakfast at dinner time, and leaving for early morning flights because of various time zones. With the recent goings in air travel, I’m sure he is just thankful he accepted that prized gold watch given to retiring airline crew. (more…)

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Kanadas Gesundheitsministerium schlägt ein Verbot der Produktion und des Verkaufs der meisten Dampfaromen vor

Um aromatisierte Dampfprodukte für Jugendliche weniger attraktiv zu machen, plant die Regierung, den Großteil ihrer Produktion und ihres Verkaufs zu verbieten. Health Canada hat einen Gesetzesentwurf vorgelegt, der die Verwendung aller E-Zigaretten mit anderen Geschmacksrichtungen als Tabak, Minze und Menthol einschränken würde, aber dennoch eine Option für Raucher lässt, die auf eine alternative Nikotinquelle umsteigen möchten. (more…)

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Ministerstwo Zdrowia Kanady proponuje zakaz produkcji i sprzedaży większości smakowych e-papierosów

Mając na uwadze zmniejszenie atrakcyjności produktów waporyzujących wśród młodocianych Kanadyjczyków, rząd planuje wprowadzenie zakazu produkcji i sprzedaży dla większości z nich. Health Canada – Ministerstwo Zdrowia przedstawiło projekt przepisów, które ograniczą używanie e-papierosów o smakach innych niż tytoń, mięta i mentol, ale jednocześnie wciąż pozostawią opcję dla palaczy, którzy chcą przejść na alternatywne źródło nikotyny. (more…)

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Canada’s Department of Health proposes a ban on the production and sale of most vaping flavours

In order to make flavoured vaping products less attractive to youth, the government plans to ban most of their production and sales. Health Canada has presented a draft legislation that would restrict the use of all e-cigarettes with flavors other than tobacco, mint and menthol, but still leave an option for smokers who wish to switch to an alternative source of nicotine. (more…)

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Ativista lança campanha contra abertura de lojas de cannabis

TORONTO – O dia 18 de Junho marcou o triste aniversário do primeiro ano do horrível acidente, ocorrido em Brampton, no qual Karolina Ciasullo de 37 anos e suas três filhas: Klara de 6 anos, Liliana de 3 anos e Mila de 1 ano, perderam a vida. Honrar a família e ajudar a pôr fim a estes acidentes fatais, causados por condutores que abusam de drogas, e o objectivo do ativista de 22 anos Cody Vatcher (na foto), de Brampton que iniciou uma campanha ( para impedir a abertura de lojas de cannabis em Brampton. (more…)

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Cuestionan el sistema de detención de inmigrantes indocumentados en Canadá

En un informe conjunto, organizaciones de derechos humanos denunciaron abusos en los centros de detención y cárceles canadienses, así como discriminación hacia las personas con retos mentales. Human Rights Watch (HRW) y Amnistía Internacional aseguran que las condiciones a las que se enfrentan muchas personas migrantes, que tras huir de su país y solicitar protección en Canadá, “son regularmente esposadas y mantenidas con poco o ningún contacto con el mundo exterior”. (more…)

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Groups call on Canada to phase out its immigrant detention system

In a joint report, human rights organizations denounced abuses in Canadian detention centers and prisons, and noted discrimination against people with mental discapacities. Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International assure that the conditions faced by many migrants, who after fleeing their country and requesting protection in Canada, “are regularly handcuffed and kept with little or no contact with the outside world.” (more…)

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TTC vai renumerar as rotas de autocarro 5 Avenue e 6 Bay para se preparar para as futuras linhas de transporte rápido

A partir deste domingo (20 de junho), a TTC vai numerar de novo duas rotas de autocarros, em antecipação à entrada em serviço das futuras linhas de transporte rápido, informa a empresa de transportes públicos de Toronto em comunicado à imprensa. A rota 5 Avenue Rd passa a ser conhecida como 13 Avenue Rd e a rota 6 Bay passa a 19 Bay. Estas mudanças estão a ser feitas em antecipação ao início do serviço da Linha 5 Eglinton (Eglinton Crosstown LRT) em 2022 e da Linha 6 Finch West (Finch West LRT) em 2023. (more…)

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TTC to renumber 5 Avenue and 6 Bay bus routes to prepare for future rapid transit lines

As of this Sunday (June 20), the TTC is renumbering two bus routes in advance of future rapid transit lines entering service, informs the Toronto Transit Commission in a press release. The 5 Avenue Rd route will become 13 Avenue Rd and the 6 Bay route will become 19 Bay. These changes are being made in anticipation of Line 5 Eglinton (Eglinton Crosstown LRT) beginning service in 2022 and Line 6 Finch West (Finch West LRT) in 2023 (in the pic above, Keelesdale Station: photo credit LA). (more…)

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Toronto sobe no estudo de Cidades do Futuro das Américas da fDi

Toronto passou para o segundo lugar geral num estudo dos locais de investimento mais promissores nas Américas pela fDi Intelligence – uma publicação especializada do Financial Times. Esta classificação reflete o crescente estatuto de Toronto como um centro internacional de investimento, comércio, ramo de negócio, desenvolvimento e inovação. (more…)

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Toronto moves up in fDi’s Americas Cities of the Future study

Toronto has moved into second place overall in a study of the most promising investment locations in the Americas by fDi Intelligence – a specialist publication from the Financial Times. This ranking reflects Toronto’s rising stature as an international centre of investment, commerce, trade, development, and innovation. (more…)

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কিংস্টনে ঘৃণাজনিত বিদ্বেষের শিকার দুই মুসলিম নারী

টরন্টো, জুন ১৮: গতকাল অপরাহ্নে অন্টারিও প্রদেশের কিংস্টনে দুই মুসলিম নারী ঘৃণাজনিত বিদ্বেষের শিকার হয়েছেন বলে জানিয়েছে গ্লোবাল নিউজ টেলিভিশন। (more…)

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Ang kampus nang Unibersidad nang Toronto

Maraming ginagawang trabaho sa kampus nang Unibersidad nang Toronto, St George downtown, kampus. Mayroon bakod ang King’s College Circle; kahoy na bakuran proteksion para sa makahulugan puno. Parang ang mundo ay binaligtad. Alam ko na para ako nakakita nang balon. Binubunkal ang lupa nilayuan nang buto para tumubo iisang bagay na maganda. A kondo siguro? Kung ang maga bata ay nasa bahay, bakit nila inaapura bigyan itong kampus na ito nang makabagong mukha. (more…)
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“Giving a Campus a Face-lift for a Post-COVID-19 World”

There is a lot of construction going on at the University of Toronto St. George downtown campus.  There are fences around King’s College Circle; wooden boards protecting historic trees.  The earth is upturned; I could have sworn I saw a plough.  They are sowing the seeds for something better to come.  A condo, perhaps?  If the kids are all at home, then why are they rushing to give this campus a makeover? (more…)

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নৈতিক কমিশনার এমপি রাতানসিকে জরিমানাহীন স্বার্থগত সংঘাতে পেলেন

প্রকাশিত এক প্রতিবেদনে নৈতিক কমিশনার মারিও ডিওন বলেছেন, এমপি ইয়াসমিন রাতানসি লিবারেল ককাসের সদস্য থাকাকালীন নিজের দত্তক বোনকে সংসদীয় কার্যালয়ে দীর্ঘকালীন চাকুরি দিয়ে ‘কনফ্লিক্ট অব ইন্টারেস্ট অ্যাক্ট’ ভঙ্গ করেছেন। (more…)

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In Ontario 384 new cases and 12 deaths

Article by Giorgio Mitolo – Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

 Canada reached 1,404,798 positive cases yesterday, with an increase of 987 infections more than in the previous 24 hours. The victims – on a national scale – reached a total of 25,991 deaths yesterday, 27 more than on Tuesday. (more…)

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নুনাভাটের বিদায়ী এমপি মুমিলাক বলেছেন, ‘এটা আমার জায়গা নয়’

টরন্টো, জুন ১৬: নুনাভাট সংসদীয় আসনের এনডিপি দলীয় এমপি, মুমিলাক কাক্কাক সংসদে দেয়া তার বিদায়ী ভাষণে আদিবাসীদের শোষনের মাধ্যমে কানাডার প্রতিষ্ঠা, যার ইতিহাসে ‘রক্তের দাঁগ লেগে আছে’ বলে জানিয়েছেন। (more…)

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Departing Nunavat MP Mumilaaq says ‘I don’t belong here’

Toronto, June 16: Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, the New Democrat MP for Nunavut, used the opportunity to blast Canada as a country built on the oppression of Indigenous People and whose history is “stained with blood” as delivered her official farewell speech to the Parliament (watch it here). She said, “People like me don’t belong here in the federal institution. The reality is that this institution and the country have been created off the backs, trauma and displacement of Indigenous People.” (more…)

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Populacja społeczności LGBTQ w Kanadzie wynosi oficjalnie 1 milion – podał Urząd Statystyczny – Statistics Canada

Czerwiec w Kanadzie i na świecie jest miesiącem „Pride” – dumy społeczności LGBTQ. Początek obecnej wolności oraz świadomości historii społeczności LGBTQ w Kanadzie zaczął się 14 maja 1969 roku od dekryminalizacji homoseksualizmu. Wcześniej homoseksualizm był przestępstwem. (more…)

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Kanadas LGBTQ-Bevölkerung beträgt offiziell 1 Million, berichtete Statistics Canada

Der Juni in Kanada und auf der ganzen Welt ist der Monat des “Pride” – der Stolz der LGBTQ-Community. Der Beginn der gegenwärtigen Freiheit und des Bewusstseins für die Geschichte der LGBTQ-Gemeinschaft in Kanada begann am 14. Mai 1969 mit der Entkriminalisierung der Homosexualität. Vorher war Homosexualität ein Verbrechen. (more…)

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Governo federal lança campanha Ask the Experts para incentivar a vacinação Covid-19

Numa altura em que mais de 70% das pessoas com 12 anos de idade ou mais no Canadá receberam a sua primeira dose da vacina contra a COVID-19 e as províncias e territórios aceleram o processo de elegibilidade para a toma das segundas doses, o governo federal procura agora sensibilizar a população mais hesitante para a importância da vacinação. (more…)

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Federal Government launches Ask the Experts campaign to encourage Covid-19 vaccination

At a time when more than 70% of people 12 years of age and older in Canada have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and provinces and territories are speeding up the eligibility process for second doses, the federal government is now seeking to sensitize the most hesitant population to the importance of vaccination. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

“The content of this project represents the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily represent the policies or the views of the Department of Heritage or of the Government of Canada”