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Maquina de barro, las disculpas di Blogto al Corriere

Article by Francesco Veronesi – Translation and Video: Lisa Picerno

 El tiempo es caballero, como se suele decir.
La máquina de mudslinging – lamentablemente hiperactivo en redes sociales y círculos políticos – que apuntó al Corriere Canadese en los últimos meses ha comenzado a perder simpatía por la calle. (more…)

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“Equity advisors” turned hate mongers erode and destroy systems and rights

You may have noticed that schools are closed. Children (that is the legal definition for people under the age of 18) are “studying remotely”, if at all. Distance learning is all the rage. Contagion, vaccination, “herd immunity” have displaced math, science, technical know-how, development of social skills, and critical thinking. (more…)

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Sources of military actions in the Middle East: Power and Bibi

TORONTO – Whatever one might hazard to say about Israel… it would be wrong, the moment a “shot” is fired. There have been many “shots” fired in the last week. In fact, as of May 19, the overall death toll in Gaza stood at 197 people, including 58 children and 34 women, with 1,235 injured and about 70,000 displaced. (more…)

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Political Fraud in Schools and the Church

How odd. Thanks to the nonsensical, even inane musings (but they are done with passion) of trustees in Catholic school boards, the real Human drama of life is taking place within the Catholic Church.  It’s the stuff of movies. The moral and legal authority of Canada’s premier prelate, the one eligible to be Pope or vote for the next one, is being publicly challenged. (more…)

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Rule # one In Track and Field or politics: stay in your lane.

I stopped in a Dollar Store to pick up two cards: one, a birthday, the other, a Mothers’ day – both for the same person. Most of the store was dutifully sectioned off, even the card rack. I picked up the two cards anyway and proceeded to pay.

The self-serve kiosk would not accept the birthday card purchase. The young lady assistant who came to my aid, said “I’m sorry sir, the rules don’t allow us to sell any cards except these. You cannot buy and I cannot sell the other.” The card was worth $1.13, tax included. (more…)

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Symbols of “Progress” from Classrooms to Altars

It was a Shakespearean “et tu Brute” moment. Catholic Archbishop Cardinal’s “guidance” on issues of religion and faith suffered an utter defeat. In the wee hours of Friday morning, the very school board trustees who swore an oath to uphold his [the magisterium’s] teachings in Catholic schools thumbed their noses at him, and by extension at all those who support the Church. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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