Author: Hon. Joe Volpe

Toronto St. Paul’s: A By-election about nothing

TORONTO – Tomorrow is one of those rare occasions in Canadian political circumstances when the electorate in a particular constituency can vote against the government, without having to suffer the consequences of changing the course of governance. The political punditry industry, and pollsters, have already speculated on the significance of the outcome to the Political parties and their leaders. There is not any, besides, who cares aside from the candidates? 


What foreign interference? It’s just business

TORONTO – If it sounds or feels as if we have heard or “seen this movie before”, we have. Canada seems in the grips of one of its navel-gazing rituals as the political system is consumed by the “issue” foreign interference in our fragile democracy. This time, we have some sneaky, vulnerable, short-sighted Members of Parliament to blame. Or so it would appear, thanks to the suggestions implied in a reading of a report by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) tasked with assessing threats to the safety and security of Canada and its inhabitants. 


CORRIERE CANADESE / Lecce, fuori ma non presto dimenticato

TORONTO – Proprio così, all’[ormai ex] ministro dell’Istruzione, Stephen Lecce, è stato chiesto di portare altrove i suoi talenti politici applicati all’istruzione. Con una mossa abile, sottolineata da tempismo e stile, il premier Ford ha segnalato che anche lui ne aveva abbastanza delle turbolenze imposte al sistema educativo della provincia dall’estremismo ideologico. Che, o come si vocifera, Ford stia preparando un nuovo “volto politico di governo” più accettabile per i cittadini della provincia… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Lecce, gone but not soon forgotten

TORONTO – Just like that, the [now former] Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce has been asked to take his political talents applied in education elsewhere. In a deft move underscored by timing and style, Premier Ford signalled that he too had had enough of the turmoil foisted on the province’s education system by ideological extremism. That, or as rumours would have it, Ford is preparing a “political face of government” more acceptable to the province’s citizenry.