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Hesitancy and confusion towards mixing Moderna and Pfizer

TORONTO – Hesitancy is growing toward mixing Moderna and Pfizer vaccine in Ontario. As was widely expected, the unavailability of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine due to a late supply and the decision by Ontario health authorities to replace it with Moderna prompted thousands of people to cancel or postpone the appointment date for the second dose. (more…)

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Second dose eligibility expands across Ontario

TORONTO – The race for the second dose of vaccine in Ontario is starting again. As of today, after the significant openings last week, the standards were changed to be able to make the reservation: the goal is to be able to progressively increase the number of people completely immunized, also in light of the threat posed by the Delta variant. From 8 a.m., all Ontario residents who received the first dose of the vaccine on May 9 and before that date can actually book the appointment to get the second one. (more…)

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Ontario sets new vaccination record, but the chaos persists for the second vaccine doses

TORONTO – Ontario sets a new vaccination record; more than 202,000, according to, but at the same time, the problems that emerged on the second vaccination for the residents of the hotspots were not solved. In general, the mass vaccination campaign proceeds in stages dispatched according to the roadmap presented by the provincial government. (more…)

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Vaccination chaos, still problems to book the second dose

TORONTO – Tottenham, Bradford, Wasaga Beach, Orillia, Hamilton, Alliston, Innisfil, Barrie. These are some of the locations where today the availability of free places was offered for booking the second dose of vaccine to all those who live in hotspots in Ontario and who received the first dose before May 9. For Toronto residents, it’s a distance between 45 to 95 kilometres. (more…)

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Chaos in Ontario over lack of spots for second Covid-19 vaccine dose

TORONTO – Chaos in Ontario over lack of spots for the second Covid-19 dose. Today, starting at 8 a.m., all residents of the hotspots identified by the provincial government – Toronto, Peel, Halton, Porcupine, Waterloo, York and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph – had the opportunity to access the portal to reserve the reservation of the covid vaccine recall injection. But the day was marked by delays, inconveniences, with the website overloaded with the number of requests that arrived. (more…)

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Canada will donate 13 million Covid-19 vaccine doses to developing countries

TORONTO – The joint effort of the G7 countries will be aimed at ending the Covid-19 pandemic in 2022. This was reiterated today in the final communiqué of the summit in Cornwall. “The Covid-19 pandemic – reads the final message of G7 leaders – will not be under control anywhere until it is everywhere. In an interconnected world, global health and threats to health security do not respect borders.” (more…)

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We must be prudent against the ‘’Euro 2020 variant’’

TORONTO – The third wave of the pandemic is over. For some weeks now, the overall epidemiological picture in Ontario has been improving markedly, with the collapse of new daily cases, the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions and, more generally, a mass immunization campaign that is finally travelling at full capacity. (more…)

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Ontario to enter Step 1 of reopening Friday

TORONTO – Turning point on the reopening front. The Ontario government announced today that starting Friday the province will enter Step 1 of the roadmap for the reopening of the economy. Doug Ford and Christine Elliott had previously planned to loosen the restrictions from Monday, June 14, but in recent days the premier and health minister had hinted that flattening the epidemiological curve could accelerate the start of Step 1. (more…)

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G7 nations reach a deal to tax multinational corporations

TORONTO – A global minimum corporate tax rate of at least 15 percent but without giving up the new taxes provided for the tech giants. Canada welcomes the agreement reached at the G7 but at the same time, through Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, reiterates that the plan signed at the weekend will not change Ottawa’s plans, which from January 2022 will impose a new tax on big tech buddies. (more…)

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School’s chaos, premier Ford could cut minister Lecce in the next shuffle

TORONTO – The controversy over schools in Ontario is not going away. Twenty-four hours after the provincial government’s decision to continue remote teaching until the end of this school year, it has infused the political climate, provoking accusations and poisons during the last parliamentary session in Queen’s Park before the summer break. But not only that. (more…)

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Premier Ford urged to reopen the economy

TORONTO – Pressure is growing on the government to loosen restrictions in Ontario. With data confirming that the third wave of the pandemic is now in the drips – yesterday there were only 699 new cases, the lowest since October 2020 – there are increasing demands for an acceleration of the reopening of the provincial economy also compared to the extremely prudent roadmap presented last week by Doug Ford and The Minister of Health Christine Elliott. (more…)

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Ontario, here’s the turning point on the second dose

TORONTO – The provincial government is ready to change gears on the vaccination front. Starting in the next few days, the efforts of the Ontario health authorities will be aimed mainly at intensifying the vaccination campaign especially on the second dose, which until now is still a sore point, because the numbers on the recall injection are still too low compared to the other G20 countries. The provincial government has thus announced some changes in the roadmap announced previously, with the aim of reducing the time between the first and second dose of the Covid vaccine. (more…)

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Justin Trudeau issues formal apology to Italian Canadians interned during Second World War

TORONTO – Justin Trudeau today offered at the House of Commons an official apology for the treatment of the Italian-Canadian community in the 1940s. The mea culpa recited by the Prime Minister for the decisions taken by the government of the time led by William Lyon Mackenzie King was not limited, as was to be expected, to the narrative of the suffering and injustice suffered by 600 men and four women of Italian origin interned in concentration camps scattered throughout the country, but touched all the strings of labour and tribulations suffered by all Italian Canadians since June 1940. (more…)

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A doua doză de vaccin – între marșurile de protest și dorința de normalitate

Autor: FRANCESCO VERONESI — Video: Cristiana Petrescu 

TORONTO – În timp ce vaccinarea în masă se desfășoară conform programului, dorința de a reveni la normal crește după un an și jumătate de pandemie, petrecuta între blocaje și restricții. Și această dorință de normalitate, cel puțin deocamdată, se ciocnește cu precauția necesară cu care guvernul provincial a decis să redeschidă economia din Ontario. (more…)

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Enigma da segunda dose entre marchas de protesto e o desejo de normalidade

Por Francesco Veronesi — Video: Luis Aparicio

TORONTO — Enquanto a vacinação em massa segue o plano em curso, cresce a vontade de um regresso ao normal depois de um ano e meio de pandemia, vivido entre confinamentos e restrições. E esse desejo de normalidade, pelo menos por enquanto, esbarra na necessária cautela com que o governo provincial decidiu reabrir a economia do Ontário. (more…)

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Second dose rebus between no mask rally and desire for normality

TORONTO – As mass vaccination progresses according to the roadmap, the desire to return to a normal life after a year and a half of pandemic, lived between lockdown and restrictions, grows. And this desire for normality, at least for now, comes up against the necessary caution with which the provincial government has decided to reopen Ontario’s economy. (more…)

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Vacuna, para desatar el nudo AstraZeneca y la segunda dosis

Articulo escrito por Francesco Veronesi – Video: Lisa Picerno

Mientras la vacunación avanza en pleno proceso, Ontario aún no ha desatado el nodo AstraZeneca. El problema es que poco menos de medio millón de dosis producidas por el consorcio anglo-sueco tendrán que ser utilizadas a finales de mes, con el plazo fijado para el 31 de mayo. Todavía no hay certeza sobre este controvertido tema. (more…)

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Vaccinuri , rezolvarea dilemei AstraZeneca și doza a doua

Autor – Franceco Veronesi — Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – În timp ce vaccinarea se desfășoară fără probleme, Ontario încă nu a rezolvat dilema vccinului AstraZeneca. Problema este reprezentată de faptul că puțin sub o jumătate de milion de doze produse de consorțiul anglo-suedez vor trebui utilizate până la sfârșitul lunii: termenul este 31 mai. Încă nu există certitudini cu privire la aceasta problema controversată. (more…)

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Luz ao fundo do túnel, o risco é baixar a guarda cedo demais

Por Francesco Veronesi — Video: Luis Aparicio

No Ontário, estamos a entrar na fase mais delicada desta batalha longa, exaustiva e sem fim contra a Covid-19. Virologistas e especialistas apontam como a saída da terceira vaga lançará as bases para o desenvolvimento da pandemia. Em essência, estamos numa encruzilhada: se formos capazes de cumprir os protocolos de saúde e segurança, poderemos evitar uma potencial quarta vaga. (more…)

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Light at the end of the tunnel, the risk is to lower your guard too soon

TORONTO – In Ontario, we are entering the most delicate phase of this long, exhausting, never-ending battle against Covid-19. Virologists and experts point out that how the exit from the third wave will lay the foundations for the developments of the pandemic. In essence, we are at a crossroads: if we are able to comply with health and safety protocols, we could avoid a potential fourth wave. (more…)

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Vacinas e reabertura, Premier Ford pronto para aliviar as restrições

Por Francesco Veronesi – Video: Luis Aparicio

TORONTO — Com a campanha de imunização a avançar com toda a potência, o governo provincial está pronto para aliviar as restrições anti-Covid. De acordo com o plano da comissão, as medidas atualmente em vigor permanecerão assim até 2 de junho. Agora resta entender qual a estratégia que o Premier Doug Ford vai querer adotar após essa data. (more…)

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Vacunas y reaperturas, el premier Ford está listo para aliviar las restricciones

Artículo escrito por Francesco Veronesi — Video: Lisa Picerno


Con la campaña de inmunización que continúa a viajar a plena capacidad, el gobierno provincial está listo para frenar las restricciones anti- Covid. Según la hoja de ruta elaborada por el ejecutivo, las medidas actualmente vigentes seguirán siendo hasta el 2 de junio. (more…)

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On May 27, an official apology for the Interment of Italian Canadians during WWII

TORONTO – It was a long, painful and troubled birth. But eventually, after 70 years, the Canadian government will make an official apology for the internment of hundreds of Italian Canadians during World War II. The official date is May 27, 2021: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as promised in 2019, will recite the mea culpa, attempting to heal a wound that has remained open in the community for decades. (more…)

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Todos os adultos no Ontário podem agendar a vacinação a partir de hoje

Por Francesco Veronesi – V ideo: Luis Aparicio

Avanço na campanha de vacinação da Covid-19 no Ontário. A partir de hoje, todos os adultos que moram no Ontário poderão marcar a sua consulta de vacinação, independentemente da área da província em que residam. Até agora, o limite mínimo de idade só não se aplicava às 114 áreas do Ontário consideradas como hotspots, áreas onde a incidência de contágio era maior do que no resto da província. (more…)

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Ontario, all adults can book vaccination starting tomorrow

TORONTO – Breakthrough in the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Ontario. Starting tomorrow, all adults living in Ontario will be able to book their vaccination appointment regardless of the area of the province in which they live. Until now, the minimum age limit did not apply only in the 114 areas of Ontario considered hotsposts, areas where the incidence of contagion was higher than in the rest of the province. (more…)

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Prosseguir com vacinas, mais de 37 milhões de doses até junho

Por Francesco Veronesi – Video: Luis Aparacio

Progresso na campanha de imunização contra a Covid-19. Enquanto que a vacinação continua sem interrupções no Ontário e em outras províncias, a nível federal, o Ministério da Saúde confirmou o crescimento exponencial no reforço de vacinas para maio e junho. (more…)

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Pressing on vaccines, over 37 million doses by June

TORONTO – Progress in the immunization campaign against Covid-19. While vaccination continues non-stop in Ontario and other provinces, at the federal level the Ministry of Health has confirmed the exponential growth in vaccine supplies for this May and June. According to Health Canada data, more than 37 million doses are expected to arrive in Canada between May and June, a quantity that will allow individual provinces and territories to comply with the roadmap established in recent months. (more…)

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Theresa Tam este gata sa dea unda verde în curând pentru amestecarea vaccinurilor

Autor – Francesco Veronesi – Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Canada și Ontario încă se luptă cu vaccinul AstraZeneca. Vaccinul, deși încă considerat sigur atât de Health Canada, cât și de Comitetul consultativ național pentru imunizare (Naci), a fost suspendat ca măsură de precauție în unele provincii ale țării noastre.


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Mixing COVID-19 vaccine doses increases mild symptoms but it is safe

TORONTO – Canada and Ontario are still grappling with the AstraZeneca node. The vaccine, although still considered safe by both Health Canada and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (Naci) has been suspended as a precaution in some provinces of our country. In Ontario, as explained this week by Chief Medical Officer David Williams, the provisional stop was decided for two reasons: on the one hand the necessary caution pending new data on adverse reactions, on the other hand the lack of new supplies due to the announced delays in deliveries. (more…)

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Stop at AstraZeneca, experts still divided

TORONTO – Ontario is accelerating on the vaccination front. In the province the government is proceeding in stages sent in its dual strategy to curb the covid-19 contagion: on the one hand the progressive lowering of the minimum age in order to book vaccination and on the other hand the sending of at least 50 percent of the doses in the 114 provincial hotspots, those areas that is, where the contagion runs faster. Yesterday the executive confirmed that 50% of adults in the province received at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine. (more…)

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Parar la AstraZeneca, los expertos siguen divididos La oferta aumenta por Pfizer y Moderna

Artículo escrito por Francesco Veronesi — Video: Lisa Picerno

 Ontario acelera con el proceso de la vacunación. En la provincia de Ontario, el gobierno está avanzando en etapas enviado en su dual estrategia para frenar el contagio de Covid-19: por un lado, la progresiva reducción de la edad mínima para poder reservar la vacunación y por otro lado el envío de al menos el 50 por ciento de las dosis en los 114 puntos críticos provinciales, aquellas áreas que es donde el contagio corre más rápido. Ayer confirmó el ejecutivo que en la provincia el 50 por ciento de adultos recibieron al menos una dosis de anti-vacuna COVID-19. (more…)

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Muertes por Covid en Canadá: de 24.402, solo 400 eran menores de 50 años

Articulo escrito por Francesco Veronesi – Video: Lisa Picerno

El Covid-19 en Canadá afectó a muchisimas personas ancianas, mientras el contagio ha afectado a todos los grupos demográficos del país. La confirmación adicional proviene de los últimos datos registrados por el sitio web- (more…)

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Covid deaths in Canada, out of 24,402 only 400 under 50

TORONTO – Covid-19 in Canada has claimed more lives among older people, while contagion has affected all demographics in the country. The further confirmation comes from the latest data recorded by, where the development of the epidemiological curve in Canada and the various provinces is monitored through the control of the main indicators such as the number of people infected, hospitalizations, intensive care admissions and deaths. (more…)

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Restrições Covid-19: governo na dúvida para reabrir a economia

 Por FRANCESCO VERONESI — Video: Luis Aparicio

TORONTO – Começar com um processo gradual de reabertura da economia ou seguir em frente com as duras restrições anti-Covid? Este é o nó que o governo provincial terá de desatar nos próximos dias, tendo em conta o fim do prazo da atual obrigação de ficar em casa – que no Ontário termina no dia 20 de maio – e a paralela longa lista de medidas restritivas colocadas em prática, em abril, para fazer frente ao aumento dos casos. (more…)

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Restricciones, gobierno en la encrucijada: hipótesis estrictas hasta el 2 de junio

Artículo escrito por Francesco Veronesi — Video: Lisa Picerno

TORONTO: comience con un proceso de reapertura de la economía o seguir con las restricciones anti Covid? Este es el nodo que el gobierno provincial tendrá que disolver en los próximos días, en vista del vencimiento de la obligación actual, quedarse en casa – eso termina en Ontario el 20 de mayo – y el paralelo larga lista de medidas restrictivas creado en abril para hacer frente al aumento de casos. (more…)

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Covid restrictions, government at the crossroads on reopening the economy

TORONTO – Start with a gradual process of reopening the economy or move forward with the harsh anti-Covid restrictions? This is the crux of the matter that the provincial government will have to untie in the coming days, in view of the expiry of the current obligation to stay at home – which ends in Ontario on May 20 – and the parallel long list of restrictive measures put in place in April to cope with the surge in cases. (more…)

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Brevete privind vaccinurile, liberalizarea rămâne o himeră

Autor: Francesco Veronesi — Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Cuvintul de ordine- prudență. Propunerea președintelui Statelor Unite Joe Biden privind furnizarea temporară a brevetelor pentru vaccinurile Covid-19 nu a găsit până acum nici un sprijin în comunitatea internațională. În Europa, joi, președinta Comisiei Europene, (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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