Day: 12 November 2023

Long term impact of emigration from Italy to the world

TORONTO – The population of Canada has increased more than tenfold since the unification (Confederation, 1867) of the colonies under British rule in North America, when it approximately 3,600,000 in total – barely bigger than Toronto and 50% the size of today’s GTA. 

Immigration (and the resulting birth rates) was an important, if not pre-eminent, factor in that growth. Until relatively recently considered a demographic phenomenon, immigration has begun taking its rightful place as an economic policy.


Life support for little Indi Gregory interrupted

LONDON – Barring a miracle, the story of Indi Gregory, the 8-month-old baby affected by a serious genetic pathology and hospitalized in an English hospital, is headed for a tragic epilogue: on Saturday the procedures for the detachment of life support machinery began and the little girl was transferred from the Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham to a hospice.  Therefore, the last appeal of the parents – who, after having attempted to take her to Italy to have her treated at the Bambino Gesù hospital (for this purpose, the Italian government had granted citizenship to the child), had asked the English doctors to at least be able to take her home – was also rejected . (more…)