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526 nuovi casi in Ontario: solo 350 non sono vaccinati

TORONTO – Ormai si registrano ogni giorno più di 500 nuovi casi di Covid-19 in Ontario: ieri, i funzionari sanitari dell’Ontario ne hanno segnalati 526, dopo i 511 di domenica, i 578 di sabato, i 510 di venerdì e i 513 di giovedì. Prima di giovedì, la provincia non aveva segnalato più di 500 in 24 ore casi dallo scorso 13 giugno, quando erano stati registrati 530 nuovi casi. La media sui sette giorni dell’Ontario è quindi ora pari a 469, rispetto ai 283 contagi giornalieri della scorsa settimana. Altro dato rilevante: dei casi aggiunti ieri, 350 sono stati registrati in individui non vaccinati e 67 in quelli parzialmente vaccinati. I restanti 94 casi sono stati riscontrati in persone completamente vaccinate… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Ontario, 526 new cases today: only 350 are not vaccinated

TORONTO – There are now more than 500 new cases of Covid-19 in Ontario every day: today, Ontario health officials reported 526, after 511 on Sunday, 578 on Saturday, 510 on Friday and 513 in Thursday. Prior to Thursday, the province had not reported more than 500 cases in 24 hours since June 13, when 530 new cases had been registered. The seven-day average of Ontario is now 469, compared to 283 daily infections last week.  (more…)

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The Covid-19 vaccine to be administered at over 350 locations in Toronto

Muhammad Ali Bukhari, CNMNG News, Toronto

In a bid to accelerate Covid-19 vaccination among Toronto City’s 2.93 million residents, Mayor John Tory said today that pharmacies will be put in charge of an integrated immunization program. In his words, “This is a team effort and I believe the rollout plans we are discussing in detail today shows you just how big the team is for starters and the fact that it will, as you would expect, deploy its efforts right across the entire city.” (more…)

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