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From bad to worse: 47 schools closed in Ontario

TORONTO – The evidence can no longer be denied. Covid-19 entered Ontario schools from the main entrance. Almost one in a hundred public schools is now closed due to Covid-19 outbreaks or operational reasons related to the pandemic. If only two days ago the institutes closed due to outbreaks of the virus were 28, the number today – according to data provided by the Ministry of Education – jumped to 47. As many as 47 schools closed with the transfer of children to distance learning with Covid that continues to create havoc as regards face-to-face lessons.  (more…)

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TCDSB management from bad to worse

Who in the heck is running this place?

TORONTO – As organizations, Catholic school boards have a specific Constitutional role to play in Canadian society. The one in Toronto seems to be obsessed with things sexual, be they substantive issues like curricula or symbolic ones like flag-waving. (more…)

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