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Health, united front of Canadian provincial ministers: “We need more money”

VANCOUVER – United front of the provincial and territorial ministries of Health to ask for more federal funding for Canadian health which, amidst staff shortages and a lack of family doctors, is literally on its knees. Today, on the second day of meetings in Vancouver, the holders of the provincial departments have renewed their requests from the federal counterpart: Minister Jean-Yves Duclos.  (more…)

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Canadian health system in pieces, new summit of ministries

TORONTO – For some time now, doctors and nurses have been asking the various provincial governments to intervene in a massive way to solve the emergency that afflicts the health system in every area of ​​Canada: patients without a family doctor anymore, emergency rooms stormed , staff shortages in hospitals.  (more…)

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Bank of Canada brings Canadian families to their knees

TORONTO – The Bank of Canada’s one percent interest rate hike on Wednesday took many by surprise (the institute had predicted a lower increase) and is likely to have a major financial impact for many Canadians. Also an economist, finally, says it. “It will have an immediate and rather dramatic effect on loan costs for many people,” Stephen Brown, a senior Canadian economist at Capital Economics, told CTV‘s “Your Morning” today, stating what everyone knows but few say openly: Canadian central bank interest rate hike raises mortgage and loan repayments: it’s so obvious.  (more…)

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Canadian Hub for Applied and Social Research Survey: Covid and politics divide Canadians

TORONTO –  Tensions, loss of contact between family members and many quarrels. A new survey conducted by the Canadian Hub for Applied and Social Research at the University of Saskatchewan shows that more and more Canadians are moving away due to differences of opinion on various issues, many have even gone so far as to reduce contact with friends or family. 


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Canadian passport, long renewal times

TORONTO – It will have been the timid but encouraging signs on the pandemic front, with many countries that are removing all the restrictions or it will be the impression of having lost two years, the fact is that the desire to travel has been rekindled. Often, however, we realize that the passport has expired. And just to be able to renew it, Canadians are experiencing long waiting times due to the increase in applications. 


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Italian Canadian Voters Key to Shaping Ontario’s Future

Less than three months away, Ontarians will head to the polls to elect their next provincial government. Voting day, June 2, is rapidly approaching and the campaign is well underway. This campaign will look similar to those of the past, especially as Covid restrictions ease throughout the province and life begins to resemble something familiar.

However, like previous elections, Ontario voters also face familiar concerns. Some of the defining issues include the state of the economy, housing affordability, the fear of privatization, cuts to health care and the protection of Ontario’s publicly funded education system.


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Canadian community humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The humanitarian crisis in Europe continues to develop amid the increasing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It is generating spontaneous aid from Canadians in the Toronto area.

Thousands of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, are leaving their home headed to neighbouring countries to escape the bombs and missiles landing near their towns and villages. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNRA), more than one million people have fled from Ukraine since the start of the military operation.


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Unstoppable Lea Garza, she also wins the “Bravo Festival”. A Canadian singer in the top positions

MEXICO CITY – Nothing can stop her anymore. The Italian-Mexican singer Lea Garza (in the pic above), 13-years-old, a promise of the international pop scene, has also recently won the “Bravo Junior Festival 2022” which saw the participation of 25 talented competitors from twenty different countries.  (more…)

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Canadian Innovation in the Auto Sector: Project Arrow

TORONTO – Since Flavio Volpe became its President, the Automobile Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) has been churning out newsworthy items on a regular basis. Corriere Canadese interviewed him after yet another story about Canada’s preparedness to sustain, and compete in, the Automobile Manufacturing sector appeared in Friday’s Star


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Canadian prices on the rise forcing consumers to spend more

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. This year’s outlook is forecasted to be better than last year, according to Deloitte Canada. The accounting organization that specializes in professional services like audit, consulting and financial advisory suggests shoppers are likely to spend an estimated average of $1,841 this holiday season, an increase of 31%, compared to the $1,405 spent last year.

With over 75% of eligible Canadians fully vaccinated against Covid-19 combined with heightened consumer confidence, it’s understandable that more people are likely to venture out this year to celebrate and spend more doing so. Yet, not all appears to be positive.


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Governo federale: giuramento il 26 ottobre, scontro e polemica sui ritardi

TORONTO – Non si spegne la polemica sul lungo e travagliato processo di formazione del nuovo governo. Il primo ministro Justin Trudeau ha annunciato che il giuramento dei nuovi componenti dell’esecutivo avrà luogo il 26 ottobre, mentre la prima seduta della House of Commons con i deputati eletti nelle elezioni del 20 settembre è stata programmata per il 22 novembre… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Trudeau to unveil new cabinet October 26, clash and controversy over delays

TORONTO – The controversy over the long and troubled process of forming the new government is not over. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the swearing-in of the new members of the executive will take place on October 26, while the first session of the House of Commons with the deputies elected in the September 20 elections has been scheduled for November 22. The roadmap set by the Liberal leader did not please the opposition, who denounced the delays and stigmatized the timing desired by Trudeau.  (more…)

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Governo in alto mare: i dubbi di Trudeau, O’Toole alza il muro

TORONTO – A venticinque giorni dalle elezioni federali il nuovo governo è ancora in alto mare. In questa fase il primo ministro in pectore Justin Trudeau è impegnato a completare il complicato puzzle, vagliando e soppesando pro e contro per ogni singola casella del suo futuro esecutivo. Si tratta di un’operazione lunga e delicata, dove il fattore del merito – seppur importante – è messo in secondo piano da altri elementi, quali provenienza geografica, appartenenza a un determinato gruppo etnico, gender… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Post election standby, Cabinet still in limbo

TORONTO – Twenty-five days after the federal elections, the new Government is still in limbo. At this stage Prime Minister in pectore Justin Trudeau is busy completing the complicated puzzle, sifting through and weighing the pros and cons for every single box in his future executive. It is a long and delicate operation, where the factor of merit – although important – is oversight by other elements, such as geographical origin, belonging to a certain ethnic group, gender.  (more…)

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Totoministri al via, italocanadesi in corsa per il governo liberale

TORONTO – Scatta il totoministri a Ottawa e gli italocanadesi chiedono spazio nel nuovo esecutivo. Mentre il primo ministro Justin Trudeau è impegnato nel delicato compito di riempire tutte le caselle del futuro governo, i deputati di origine italiana eletti nelle fila del Partito Liberale sono in pressing per un posto al sole. Bisogna tuttavia tenere conto che a livello federale la formazione di un nuovo esecutivo rappresenta un parto lungo e travagliato, una complicata operazione di incastro nel quale il primo ministro deve tenere conto di numerosi fattori: rappresentanza geografica delle province, gender, etnia, credo religioso e ovviamente merito, capacità ed esperienza politica sono alcuni dei più importanti elementi che possono determinare una scelta invece di un altra, nel difficile tentativo di raggiungere un equilibrio tra tutte le componenti… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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‘’Totoministri’’, Italian Canadians eligible for a spot in the Liberal Cabinet

TORONTO – The ‘’totoministri’’ in Ottawa is snapped and the Italian Canadians ask for space in the new cabinet. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is busy with the delicate task of filling all the boxes of the future Government, the Mps of Italian origin elected in the ranks of the Liberal Party are pressing for a spot in the Cabinet. However, it must be taken into account that at the federal level the formation of a new executive represents a long and troubled birth, a complicated interlocking operation in which the prime minister must take into account numerous factors: geographical representation of the provinces, gender, ethnicity, religious belief and obviously merit, ability and political experience are some of the most important elements that can determine one choice instead of another, in the difficult attempt to achieve a balance between all the components.  (more…)

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Leader federali in crisi d’identità: la debolezza della classe dirigente

TORONTO – Con il voto di solito si volta pagina. Si chiude, di fatto, l’ultimo capitolo di una stagione politica e inizia una nuova fase. Le elezioni federali del 20 settembre rappresentano un’eccezione, perché non sono state in grado di risolvere né le contraddizioni di un governo debole, sostenuto da una minoranza fragile alla Camera, né tantomeno l’inefficacia e l’instabilità delle opposizioni, sulle quali il primo ministro in pectore Justin Trudeau ha costruito le proprie fortune politiche… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Opposizioni: cade il primo leader, altri due traballano

TORONTO – Cade la testa del primo leader dei partiti d’opposizione, mentre altri due traballano. Annamie Paul lunedì ha annunciato le proprie dimissioni, puntando il dito contro il clima intimidatorio che si era venuto a creare all’interno del Green Party ben prima delle ultime elezioni del 20 settembre… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Fastest Growing Canadian Companies

The year 2020 presented several challenges for companies struggling to survive amidst the global pandemic. However, some business have been able to weather the storm despite one of the steepest drops in Canada’s real GDP on record.

In 2019, the country reported a real GDP of roughly $1.64 Trillion (T). In 2020, that figure dropped to $1.57 T, a difference of more than $70 Billion. While Canadians continue to work at regaining those losses, some businesses have managed to prosper throughout the pandemic-induced instability.


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Conteggio finale: eletti 16 italocanadesi, sono tre le novità

TORONTO – Sedici eletti, distribuiti nei principali partiti federali, tre volti nuovi. Sono questi i dati relativi ai candidati di origine italiana che sono riusciti a conquistare il seggio alle ultime elezioni federali del 20 settembre. Nove parlamentari sono stati eletti nelle fila del Partito Liberale, cinque con il Partito Conservatore, uno nell’Ndp e nel Bloc Quebecois. A livello provinciale la rappresentanza più folta continua ad essere quella dell’Ontario, con nove mp che hanno vinto la rispettiva corsa elettorale, mentre sono cinque gli italocanadesi eletti in Quebec. In British Columbia, infine, troviamo due neo parlamentari espressione della nostra comunità, entrambi alla prima esperienza alla House of Commons… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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16 Italian Canadians elected in the House of Commons

TORONTO – Sixteen elected, distributed in the main federal parties, three new faces. These are the data relating to the candidates of Italian origin who managed to win the seat in the last federal elections on September 20th. Nine MPs were elected from the ranks of the Liberal Party, five with the Conservative Party, one in the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois. At the provincial level, the largest representation continues to be in Ontario, with nine MP winning their respective electoral race, while five Italian Canadians are elected in Quebec. In British Columbia, finally, we find two new parliamentarians expression of our community, both at the first experience at the House of Commons.  (more…)

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Candidati bocciati, tanto vale votare per quello “morto”

TORONTO – Il 3 novembre 2020 il repubblicano David Andahl vinse le elezioni per un seggio nell’assemblea legislativa del North Dakota. Gli elettori gli assegnarono il 36 per cento delle preferenze, sufficienti al candidato per vincere le elezioni. E questo nonostante che Andahl fosse morto di Covid un mese prima, il 5 ottobre. L’elettorato, pur di non votare gli altri candidati, preferì eleggere chi era già passato a miglior vita… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Candidates rejected, might as well vote for the “dead” one

TORONTO – On November 3, 2020, Republican David Andahl won the election for a seat in the North Dakota Legislature. Voters gave him 36 percent of the vote, enough for the candidate to win the election. And this despite the fact that Andahl had died of Covid a month earlier, on October 5. The electorate, in order not to vote for the other candidates, preferred to elect the one who had already passed to a better life. In the last federal election in the Spadina-Fort York district we witnessed something similar. (more…)

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Leader-bashing: lo sport estremo della politica

TORONTO – Dopo un’elezione clamorosa che ha visto solo il 59% di affluenza alle urne, il pubblico è pronto per uno sport più interessante. I risultati ufficiali delle elezioni in Canada non sono ancora pubblici, ma i leader dei partiti vengono inseriti nell’elenco delle specie in via di estinzione. Sì, questo elenco include il leader del Partito Liberale, Justin Trudeau, primo ministro e “ragazzo d’oro” politico. Il Partito Liberale oggi “appartiene” al suo leader più di quanto gli altri partiti ai propri leaders… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Vuong resta, Dzerowicz vince al fotofinish

TORONTO – Siamo prossimi a porre la parola fine a queste elezioni federali che tanto hanno fatto discutere e che non hanno cambiato di una virgola l’assetto dei partiti alla Camera dei Comuni. Ieri, Elections Canada ha dichiarato che la maggior parte degli 850mila voti per corrispondenza non conteggiati lunedì sera, sono stati scrutinati anche se in varie circoscrizioni a causa dei testa a testa tra i candidati occorre ancora stabilire con esattezza l’esito della corsa… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Max Bernier ha tolto ben ventuno seggi al Partito Conservatore

TORONTO – Le divisioni a destra sono state pagate a caro prezzo da Erin O’Toole. A tre giorni di distanza dal voto federale, con i dati definitivi di Elections Canada, è possibile effettuare un’analisi comparata delle preferenze totali ricevute dai vari partiti in corsa in tutte le circoscrizioni canadesi. Ebbene, sono 21 i distretti federali dove la somma dei voti per i candidati conservatori e quelli del People’s Party di Maxime Bernier (nella foto) è superiore al totale delle preferenze ottenute dal candidato che alla fine ha conquistato il seggio. In pratica, se non ci fosse stata la spaccatura tra i due tronconi della destra canadese, in questi 21 distretti il candidato conservatore avrebbe vinto… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Federal elections: Vuong remains, Dzerowicz wins at the photo finish

TORONTO – We are close to putting an end to these federal elections that have caused so much discussion and that have not changed the structure of the parties in the House of Commons. Today, Elections Canada said that most of the 850,000 mail-in ballots not counted on Monday evening were counted, although in various constituencies due to the head-to-head between the candidates it is still necessary to establish the exact outcome of the race. (more…)

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Leader-bashing: the not-so-new political blood sport

TORONTO – After a ho-hum election that saw a mere 59% voter-turnout, the public is ready for more interesting sport. The official results from Elections Canada are not yet public but Party leaders are being placed on the endangered species list. Yes, that includes Liberal Party Leader, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister and political “golden boy”. The Liberal Party today “belongs” to its leader more so than any of the others do to theirs.  (more…)

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The Conservatives lost twenty-one seats The reason? Maxime Bernier

TORONTO – The divisions between the Conservatives and Ppc penalized Erin O’Toole. Three days after the federal vote, with the final data of Elections Canada, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis of the total preferences received by the various parties running in all Canadian constituencies.  (more…)

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Caos al seggio: “Scrutatori di parte e strane telefonate”

TORONTO – Elezioni federali: due “parolone” che farebbero pensare ad una grande, impeccabile organizzazione. Se non fosse per le testimonianze che arrivano dai seggi, dopo il voto di lunedì. È il caso del seggio della York Humber High School, al numero 100 di Emmett Avenue, York. Una scrutatrice, che ci ha fornito anche la documentazione fotografica a supporto del suo racconto, descrive una situazione di caos totale… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Nessun mandato chiaro dopo il 20 settembre

TORONTO – Non ci sono esperti obiettivi per interpretare, e soprattutto mettere in pratica, i risultati di queste ultime elezioni in Canada. Alcuni osservatori sono più informati di altri sui precedenti. Ma, trattandosi di un atto politico e non di una decisione esecutiva di un tribunale, tutto è negoziabile, entro limiti generalmente accettati… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Nelle foto, Erin O’Toole e Justin Trudeau

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Il clima d’incertezza rimane anche dopo le elezioni federali

TORONTO – Le elezioni federali non hanno risolto il clima d’incertezza che caratterizza la politica canadese dal 2019. Lo strappo voluto da Justin Trudeau, con il salto nel buio rappresentato dal voto anticipato durante la quarta ondata delle pandemia, non ha portato chiarezza nei rapporti di forza tra i partiti e gli equilibri politici alla House of Commons. A conclusione di questa tornata elettorale ci troviamo esattamente dove eravamo partiti: con un governo di minoranza, con le opposizioni troppo deboli per sabotare l’agenda politica del primo ministro liberale e con un elettorato frammentato e diviso… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Toronto, chaos at the polling station: “Partisan scrutineers and strange phone calls”

TORONTO – Federal elections: two “big words” that would suggest a great, impeccable organization. Not so much, really, listening to the testimonies coming from the polling stations after Monday’s vote. This is the case of the York Humber High School seat at 100 Emmett Avenue, York, in Toronto. A scrutineer, who contacted the editorial staff of the Italian newspaper Corriere Canadese and also sent photographic documentation to support her story, describes a situation of total chaos. (more…)

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Political uncertainty remains even after the federal elections

TORONTO – The federal elections have not resolved the climate of uncertainty that has characterized Canadian politics since 2019. The tear wanted by Justin Trudeau, with the leap in the dark represented by the early vote during the fourth wave of the pandemic, has not brought clarity in the balance of power between the parties and the political balances to the House of Commons. At the end of this election we find ourselves exactly where we started: with a minority government, with the oppositions too weak to sabotage the political agenda of the liberal prime minister and with a fragmented and divided electorate.  (more…)

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No clear mandate for anything post September 20 election

TORONTO – There are no objective experts to interpret, and more importantly apply, the results of this latest election in Canada. Some observers are more informed about precedent than others. But, this being a political act and not an enforceable decision of a Court, everything is negotiable, within generally accepted boundaries.  (more…)

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Il vero risultato della notte elettorale

TORONTO – Il giorno delle elezioni – l’ultimo – sembra già così lontano. È stata una distrazione momentanea dalla nostra vita quotidiana, uno schema che è arrivato a definirci come canadesi. Ci piace essere lasciati soli a perseguire qualsiasi cosa e qualsiasi interruzione è semplicemente questo, una breve pausa che dura non più dei 15 minuti necessari per mettere una x accanto al nome di qualcuno… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Il paradosso: perdono tutti, l’unico vincitore non riesce ad entrare alla Camera

TORONTO – Tanti sconfitti, un unico vincitore che, paradossalmente, non riesce nemmeno a farsi eleggere e resta fuori dal parlamento. Sono questi i dati principali che emergono dalla consultazione elettorale di lunedì. I leader dei principali partiti in corsa hanno fallito miseramente i loro obiettivi principali, mentre gli equilibri parlamentari tra le forze politiche rimangono praticamente immutati… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Canada, ancora un governo di minoranza

TORONTO – Una campagna elettorale federale di 36 giorni culmina con un finale non così sorprendente. I liberali tornano in parlamento con un governo di minoranza. In un’elezione costosa, stimata in $610 milioni, con conservatori e liberali quasi alla pari per settimane, il primo ministro Justin Trudeau non è riuscito a vincere i 170 seggi necessari per la maggioranza alla Camera dei Comuni… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Tutto come prima: governo di minoranza liberale

TORONTO – Tutto come prima. L’esito delle elezioni 2021 non cambia di una virgola i rapporti di forza che caratterizzavano la scorsa legislatura. Avremo, esattamente come negli ultimi due anni, un governo di minoranza liberale guidato da Justin Trudeau, al suo terzo mandato dopo le vittorie del 2015 e del 2019… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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The real outcome of election night

TORONTO – Election day – the last one – seems already so far away. It was a momentary distraction from our everyday lives, a pattern that has come to define as Canadians. We like to be left alone to pursue whatever and any interruption is merely that, a brief pause lasting no more that the 15 minutes required to place an x beside someone’s name.  (more…)

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The election paradox: everyone lose, the only winner fails to get elected

TORONTO – So many losers, a single winner who, paradoxically, cannot even get elected and remains outside parliament. These are the main data that emerge from Monday’s election. The leaders of the main parties in the race have failed miserably in their main objectives, while the parliamentary balance between the parties remains virtually unchanged.  (more…)

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Everything as before: Liberal minority Government

TORONTO – Everything as before. The outcome of the 2021 elections does not change the balance of power that characterized the last legislature by a comma. We will have, just as in the last two years, a Liberal minority government led by Justin Trudeau, in his third term after the victories of 2015 and 2019. In support of the new executive there will be 158 deputies compared to the 157 elected in the previous electoral round.  (more…)

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Canada stays the course with a minority Government

A 36-day federal election campaign culminates with a not so surprising finish. The Liberals are headed back to parliament with a minority Government.

In a costly election, estimated at $610 million, with Conservatives and Liberals nearly tied for weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, failed to win the required 170 seats for a majority in the House of Commons.


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