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Fraudolent COVID-19 aid payments, $ 3,2 billions to “crafty” Canadians

TORONTO – We Italians, ususally, are considered “crafty”: people who try to get around the rules to obtain personal advantages. It’s actually a cliché, but even if it were true… well, we found who could compete with us: the Canadians, who would have pocketed 3.2 billion dollars without being entitled to it, by providing false data. (more…)

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One in five Canadians don’t eat to save money

TORONTO – There are those who use discount coupons, those who reduce household waste, buy cheaper and less healthy food but there are also those who skip meals: one in five Canadians do it. Families, therefore, are trying them all to save money, in the midst of a crisis that sees prices continue to rise: even though the country’s annual inflation rate dropped slightly to 6.9% in September, the cost of food has in fact continued its run, reaching an increase of 11.4% compared to a year ago (at a pace not seen since 1981). Shopping has now become an odissey. (more…)

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Energy, up to 100% increase in bills of Canadians

TORONTO – The energy crisis also affects Canada. And the “superbills” that are already damaging Italians (in Italy bills in recent months have doubled and in some cases tripled) are also on their way here: with the winter just around the corner, Canadians will have to expect very high “bills” for natural gas or electricity, with increases between 50 and 100%. Some consumers may see their bills rise as high as 300%, while others may see minimal increases, but the overall trend is clear, according to Joel MacDonald, founder of EnergyRates.ca  (more…)

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GTA Elections, Italian Canadians key to Municipal reform

TORONTO – If one did not know it, the Municipal Democracy Index (MDI) confirms that our democratic institutions at the local level are crying out for serious reform, if not an injection of civic commitment. In 2021, out of a total of 150 possible points on the MDI scale, only eight (8) municipalities of the thirty-two (32) measured in Ontario received a passing grade of 75 or better. Neither Toronto nor Vaughan was among that acceptable group. 


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Two out of three Canadians have caught Covid-19, the experts: “It’s a turning point”

TORONTO – It might sound like bad news, but it’s actually good: most Canadians have contracted Covid-19 since Omicron and its highly contagious sub-variants first appeared. Virtually two out of three Canadians have caught the coronavirus. And the news is good because, according to experts, this, added to the massive vaccinations made, generates broad immunity or, in any case, greater protection against the more serious forms of Covid.  (more…)

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Six million Canadians without a family doctor

TORONTO – Six million Canadians do not have a family doctor and 35% of them searched for one for more than a year, to no avail. Considering that Canada has a population of just over 38 million inhabitants, what emerges from the second report drawn up on the basis of a series of surveys carried out by the Angus Reid Institute on the crisis in access to health care is definitely alarming.  (more…)

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The Omicron “tsunami” infected seventeen million Canadians

TORONTO – More than a new wave: it’s a tsunami. Omicron has attacked (also) Canada, making the infections from Covid-19 increase exponentially, despite – after the winter wave – the virus seemed to be in a downward phase. In fact, data from the Canadian task force reveal how quickly Omicron and its sub-variants spread across the country as early as the end of 2021 and early this year. The task force reported that as many as 17 million Canadians were infected in just five months, between December 2021 and May 2022. This means that the daily average of new infections was over 100,000. A record, enough to push the members of the task force themselves to define the wave “Omicron tsunami”.  (more…)

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Inflation, the cost of living is insane. And many Canadians postpone retirement

TORONTO – Inflation at 7.7%, skyrocketing prices and Bank of Canada which continues to increase the “key” rate of interest – now at 1.5% – to stem the problem by creating, in fact, another one: the increase in mortgage payments and loans for Canadian families. In short, a “perfect storm”. The question is: when will the clear sky return?  (more…)

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Trump, 9/11, Lady D: Canadians influenced by conspiracy theories

TORONTO – Lack of trust in the traditional media, distance of institutions, skepticism towards the truth as it is told by the mainstream. The portrait of Canadians that has come out in recent weeks from a series of surveys carried out by Abacus is really not very comforting, also in light of the new survey presented today that continues to investigate the thin thread that binds Canadians with the chaos of great conspiracy theories.  


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Passports, queues, canceled flights: “post-Covid” summer is a nightmare for Canadians

TORONTO – Infinitive waiting to renew passports, endless queues at the airport, suddenly canceled flights: the conditions are all there for a summer to … forget. Those who wanted to return to travel, after two years of “confinement”, are in fact dealing with the harsh reality of the total disorganization of the Canadian bureaucracy.  (more…)

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Canadian Hub for Applied and Social Research Survey: Covid and politics divide Canadians

TORONTO –  Tensions, loss of contact between family members and many quarrels. A new survey conducted by the Canadian Hub for Applied and Social Research at the University of Saskatchewan shows that more and more Canadians are moving away due to differences of opinion on various issues, many have even gone so far as to reduce contact with friends or family. 


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Italian Canadians in Sudbury key to electoral victory

TORONTO – The lead up to Ontario’s 2022 General Election will be a hectic time for candidates. Specifically, the need to build support for their political party while addressing the concerns of voters in their constituency. With the official start of the campaign less than six weeks away, the Corriere begins our electoral district profile series.

The focus will be on constituencies where Italian Canadians make up a significant portion of the district population and number more than 8,000. (more…)

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Russia-Ukraine war, Canadians in favor of humanitarian aid and sanctions

OTTAWA – After speaking by video conference at the House of Commons in Ottawa on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before the US Congress today. In both cases Zelensky reiterated the call for a no fly zone over Ukraine and the imposition of “new sanctions packages” on Moscow “until the Russian military machine stops.” He did it with his heart in his hand, with passion and determination. 


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LTC, vaccine staff obligation postponed to December 13. Poll, 72% of Canadians don’t want to end up in an LTC

TORONTO – The deadline for Ontario’s long-term care homes was set for tomorrow to be fully immunized against Covid-19 but the government has decided to postpone it until December 13. This was announced by the spokesperson of the Minister of Long Term Care Rod Phillips Vanessa De Matteis: by today, however, the staff of these houses must receive at least the first dose of the vaccine.  (more…)

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‘’Totoministri’’, Italian Canadians eligible for a spot in the Liberal Cabinet

TORONTO – The ‘’totoministri’’ in Ottawa is snapped and the Italian Canadians ask for space in the new cabinet. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is busy with the delicate task of filling all the boxes of the future Government, the Mps of Italian origin elected in the ranks of the Liberal Party are pressing for a spot in the Cabinet. However, it must be taken into account that at the federal level the formation of a new executive represents a long and troubled birth, a complicated interlocking operation in which the prime minister must take into account numerous factors: geographical representation of the provinces, gender, ethnicity, religious belief and obviously merit, ability and political experience are some of the most important elements that can determine one choice instead of another, in the difficult attempt to achieve a balance between all the components.  (more…)

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16 Italian Canadians elected in the House of Commons

TORONTO – Sixteen elected, distributed in the main federal parties, three new faces. These are the data relating to the candidates of Italian origin who managed to win the seat in the last federal elections on September 20th. Nine MPs were elected from the ranks of the Liberal Party, five with the Conservative Party, one in the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois. At the provincial level, the largest representation continues to be in Ontario, with nine MP winning their respective electoral race, while five Italian Canadians are elected in Quebec. In British Columbia, finally, we find two new parliamentarians expression of our community, both at the first experience at the House of Commons.  (more…)

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Elections, Italian Canadians looking for a seat

TORONTO – The office of the Italian Canadian candidates in this electoral round is starting. In all, there are 69 candidates of Italian origin looking for a seat, concentrated as always in Ontario and Quebec but also present in the other Canadian provinces. Also in these elections the representatives of our community represented themselves in all the main federal parties.  (more…)

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Afghanistan, sos for stuck Canadians. “We will bring you home”

TORONTO – The question is: how many Canadians are still stuck in Afghanistan? The federal government will not disclose it. “Security reasons”. “Due to the security situation in Afghanistan, Global Affairs does not disclose the number of Canadians registered in the Canadian overseas registration database (Roca),” reads an e-mailed statement from a Global Affairs Canada (Gac) spokesperson to Global News, on Sunday night. And, above all, it is unknown if, how and when all these people (and with them the 20,000 Afghans that the government announced on Friday that it wants to welcome) will be able to “land” in Canada.  (more…)

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From one competition to another: Canadians anticipate the imminent call of the federal election

Canada is gearing up for another type of competition following the end of the Tokyo Olympics. A political race so to speak. With campaign plans at the ready, speculation mounts that the imminent election call could be days away.

Many Canadians have concerns about holding an election in the middle of a pandemic. With that in mind, the Corriere Canadese spoke with Francesco Sorbara, Member of Parliament for Vaughan-Woodbridge and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue to discuss how Canada has managed the pandemic so far. (more…)

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Justin Trudeau issues formal apology to Italian Canadians interned during Second World War

TORONTO – Justin Trudeau today offered at the House of Commons an official apology for the treatment of the Italian-Canadian community in the 1940s. The mea culpa recited by the Prime Minister for the decisions taken by the government of the time led by William Lyon Mackenzie King was not limited, as was to be expected, to the narrative of the suffering and injustice suffered by 600 men and four women of Italian origin interned in concentration camps scattered throughout the country, but touched all the strings of labour and tribulations suffered by all Italian Canadians since June 1940. (more…)

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Internment of Canadians of Italian descent, Deb Schulte: “An exciting historical moment”

The long-awaited official apology has finally arrived. Today, as promised in 2019, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, apologized to the Italian-Canadians for the internment suffered in World War II. More than 600 Italian-Canadians were interned after Italy declared war on the Allies in 1940, while 31,000 people were reported as “foreign enemies”. (more…)

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PM Trudeau Delivers Apology for Internment of Italian Canadians During Second World War: watch the live video

Today, Prime Minister Trudeau will rise in the House of Commons, today, May 27 and offer apologies to a class of Canadians for what their Canadian government of the day did to them, 80 years ago. Briefly, it declared them “enemy aliens”.

That designation caused many to lose their jobs, depriving their families of sustainable income, making their homes prone to the designs of rapacious municipal officials eager to expropriate for non-payment of property taxes. It subjected all of them to placement under police surveillance, exposed them all to vexatious and malicious ridicule and lead more than 700 individuals being interned in concentration camps without due process.

Their “crime”? They we were of Italian ethnicity. Overnight, the designation “converted” them from being valuable members of the Canadian federation to being labeled Fascists, Nazis, Imperialist…


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On May 27, an official apology for the Interment of Italian Canadians during WWII

TORONTO – It was a long, painful and troubled birth. But eventually, after 70 years, the Canadian government will make an official apology for the internment of hundreds of Italian Canadians during World War II. The official date is May 27, 2021: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as promised in 2019, will recite the mea culpa, attempting to heal a wound that has remained open in the community for decades. (more…)

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LeBlanc says Canadians should prioritize “child care” in their budget

Inter Government MInister Dominic LeBlanc with courtesy of Canadian House of Commons

Toronto, April 12: Dominic LeBlanc, Canada’s Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, said safe early education and child care is an “economic imperative”. It also makes sense to consider the principle of universal basic income. He made the remarks in an interview with CBS Television’s Chief Political Correspondent Rosemary Burton on Sunday. (more…)

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All Canadians could get 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine by Canada Day

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – A dose of vaccine for all Canadians who want to immunize themselves against Covid by July 1st. (more…)

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Italians and Canadians together
teaching peace to students

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian PALERMO – Italians and Canadians together for “peace, security and prosperity”, as stated in the title of the 1st forum held – in webinar – in recent days in Sicily (Italy) to preserve the memory of the fallen of all parties in conflict during Operation “Husky” in July 1943, which saw the First Canadian Division engaged in Sicily – together with the Allies. (more…)

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