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Mother’s Day, origin and curiosity: how it was born and where it is celebrated

TORONTO – Sunday 9 May 2021 is Mother’s Day, a recurrence that is widespread all over the world. While the decision to dedicate a day to mothers is common to many countries, the choice of the day in question is different, for an event that is celebrated at a different time of the year depending on where you are. There are also several stories related to the origin of the festival, which in the past had a fixed date in our country and is now celebrated on the second Sunday of May instead. (more…)

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Today is celebrated the World Portuguese Language Day

Commemoration encompasses a set of more than 150 activities in 44 countries

World Portuguese Language Day is celebrated for the second time. Image: UNESCO

The celebrations of World Portuguese Language Day this Wednesday are being coordinated by Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language, and cover the geographic dimensions, research, translation, connection to other arts and mobilization of populations in a group more than 150 activities in 44 countries.


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