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Change is in the air: the Conservatives certainly hope so

TORONTO – In the 1960s, frequently referred to as the golden age of popular music in Western societies, there was no shortage of songs whose lyrics aimed at having the listeners reflect of the ‘human condition’ and the wistful failure of ideologies to produce the Utopia they espoused. It was not all grim. 


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Electors in Etobicoke Centre may decide it is time for change

Etobicoke Centre electoral district is one of three ridings in Etobicoke. It is also the constituency with the largest concentration of Italians among all three districts. Statistics Canada says 17,565 constituents self-identify as Italian Canadian. That represents 15% of the district’s population and the largest ethnic group to originate from Europe. (more…)

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Electric vehicles: part of a global climate change solution

Electric vehicles (EV) may not solve the issues associated with climate change; they may play a key role in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). According to Our World in Data, the energy sector is responsible for 73% of all GHG emissions. That rate includes roughly 16% of emissions associated with transportation, of which 12% is related to road transportation.

In Canada, road transportation accounts for roughly one-fifth of the nation’s total GHG emissions. Eliminating carbon emissions from passenger vehicles is part of the national plan to reach net-zero by 2050. (more…)

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Bangladeshi architect Marina’s success in Climate Change

As the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 just ended in a compromised deal in Glasgow in the United Kingdom, Bangladeshi architect Marina Tabassum, who won the 2021 prestigious Soane medal among the first architect from the global south for her design of Khudi Bari, a modular mobile house for the climate victims, appeared as ‘A £300 monsoon-busting home: the Bangladeshi architect fighting extreme weather’ in the Guardian newspaper on November 16.

In her words, Marina says, “As architects we have a responsibility to these people. The construction industry contributes half of all global emissions, but the people being affected by sea-level rise in the coastal areas have zero carbon footprint.”

Founding Marina Tabassum Architects in 2005, she embarked on a project called Bait ur Rouf mosque in northern Dhaka that gave her international prominence 11 years later for winning the Aga Khan award. Currently they are working in the Cox’s Bazar, home to 1.2 million Rohingya Muslims fled from ethnic persecution in neighboring Myanmar. Tabassum and her team have been designing food distribution outlets and women’s centres – for both the camp and its host community – aiming to create a more dignified experience than the usual tents for receiving handouts.

In the pic (from Sir John Soane’s Museum’s Twitter profile – @SoaneMuseum), Marina Tabassum
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Conservatives on the run, the debate in Quebec does not change the balance

TORONTO – The debate in Quebec on September 2 between the leaders did not shift the balance of power between the parties. The confirmation comes from the last 8 polls carried out after the debate in French which highlight how the Conservative Party led by Erin O’Toole continues to enjoy a comforting margin of advantage over the liberals of Justin Trudeau. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP continues to play the role of third inconvenience while the percentage of undecided remains high. The gap that divides the conservatives from the Liberal Party ranges from the 1.5 percent detected by Nanos to 6.4 percent highlighted by Ekos. In general, tories are stabilising at around 35 per cent, while grits range from 28.1 per cent to 33 per cent.  (more…)

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Will there be a change in the balance of powers in Europe? Will Russia create a buffer zone and if so, when?

Events such as the expulsion of Russian diplomats from European Union countries – from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the withdrawal of European diplomats from Russia, the sudden call of the US ambassador to Russia for consultations with President Biden, the unexpected and sudden visit of the president – dictator of Belarus yesterday in Moscow, as well as the convening of the Federation Council of Russia – the upper house of the Russian parliament, which, among others convened before approving the change of borders between the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and also before deciding to use the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation abroad – they prove that the situation in Europe is becoming more and more tense. (more…)

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The US returns to the front lines in the fight against climate change

Earth day, April 22, is an annual event dedicated to preserving the natural world. It is an international day of attention and activism to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

This year will mark a return to the front lines for US President Joe Biden in the fight against the human contribution to climate change. President Biden will host a two-day virtual Leaders Summit on Climate that coincides with Earth day.


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Vaccines, the government ready to change gears

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – The federal government is poised to change gears on the vaccine front. The confirmation came yesterday from Justin Trudeau during a press conference in which the prime minister did not hide a cautious optimism about the latest developments in the vaccination campaign that is about to come to life in Canada. The first factor to consider – underlined by the Liberal leader – is the approval of the third vaccine in Canada, that of AstraZeneca, which has a significant acceleration in the roadmap drawn up by the government in recent months. Yesterday – added Trudeau – the first supply of the vaccine arrived in our country with about half a million doses, which will be immediately distributed to the province and territories. “In addition to this,” he continued, “we are waiting to have a response from Health Canada on another vaccine, the one produced by Johnson and Johnson.” The latter, which in the United States has been able to give the green light by the regulator, could represent the turning point in this problematic immunization campaign against Covid-19, as a difference of all the other approved vaccines in Canada – Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca – to be effective needs a single dose and does not require recall injection. (more…)

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