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China interference on Canadian elections, Trudeau: ‘Those who attack the Chinese are racists’

TORONTO – He is isolated and goes on the attack: after everyone – political analysts, opposition figures and even allies like NDP leader Jagmeet Singh – advised him to open a commission of public inquiry into the (alleged) interference of the China on the Canadian federal elections, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau goes his own way and, in defending the liberal Chinese deputy who fell into the storm, accuses of racism those who support this hypothesis and spares no “picks” against the CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, “guilty” of having warned the government of the possibility of Chinese infiltration in Canadian politics. (more…)

“Evident interference from China in Canadian elections”, but not for Trudeau

TORONTO – For Prime Minister Justin Trudeau everything is fine and there is no need to make further inquiries. But three weeks before the 2019 federal election, Canadian intelligence officials held an urgent and confidential briefing to top aides in the prime minister’s office, according to Global News, warning them that one of their candidates was part of a Chinese network of foreign interference: Han Dong, whom the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) had begun following in June of that year and who would be one of eleven candidates from the Toronto area allegedly supported by Beijing in that election.  (more…)

UFO in Canada and US: “Alien hypothesis non excluded”. Trudeau from Yukon: “Serious situation”. China: “10 balloons into our airspace”

TORONTO – The hypothesis is science fiction, even par excellence. But it would be taking shape, the shape of a UFO. Not a simple “unidentified flying object”, as the literal translation of the acronym suggests, but a real UFO in the literary and cinematographic sense of the term: an alien, extraterrestrial object. No one is able, at the moment, to exclude that the objects shot down in recent days between Canada and the United States are real alien UFOs, at least until the recovery and analysis of the objects themselves are completed.  (more…)

“Trudeau, what is the truth about the China case?”

TORONTO – Justin Trudeau’s behavior in the China case “either it’s not honest or it’s not very bright. Which one is it?”: the question come from the opposition parties who consider the prime minister’s response to alleged Chinese interference in the 2019 federal elections insufficient and late. Interferences that were the reason for the clash between Trudeau himself and the Chinese president Xi Jinping at the G20 in Bali (in the pic above) and on which, then, two days ago, the prime minister declared that he had never received any official information from the Canadian intelligence. (more…)

China would have covertly funded eleven 2019 election candidates in Canada

TORONTO – Intelligence officials have warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that China has targeted Canada with a broad campaign of interference, which also includes funding a clandestine network of at least eleven federal candidates running for the 2019 election: the news was published today by Global News, with an article by investigative journalist Sam Cooper on the news agency’s website.  (more…)

China on the attack, Canada powerless

TORONTO – Michael Spavor was arrested in China, like Michael Kovrig, in December 2018. The two Canadian citizens were arrested, according to Chinese authorities, for endangering national security, a generic accusation behind which many – or rather almost all – saw a retaliation by Beijing for the arrest by Canada of Meng Wanzhou, crown princess of the Huawei technology empire. This arrest took place at the behest of the United States, where she is wanted on charges of trying to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran. (more…)

The nightmare China returns: mass swabs in Wuhan

BEIJING – A nightmare that seemed over and that instead returns. China, where it all began, is trembling with the coronavirus and Wuhan, the symbolic city of Covid-19, is reviewing the lockdown, albeit partial and limited to an area, after the dramatic total blockade experienced between the end of January and 8 April 2020, which so impressed the rest of the world still free (at the time, and for a while …) from the virus. (more…)

The Canadian parliament blames China for the Uighur genocide

Muhammad Ali Bukhari, CNNG News, Toronto

[GTranslate]On Monday, 266 out of Canada’s 338 members of parliament voted against this motion. Although most cabinet members were absent from voting. The House of Commons also explicitly blames for the country’s indiscriminate killings of Uighurs and other Turkish-speaking Muslims in China.

The said proposal was made in Parliament by the opposition Conservative Party. It said China’s state action in the Xinjiang region was tantamount to genocide in accordance with UN policy adopted in 1948. In addition to the Conservative members, a significant number of ruling Liberal party MPs voted in favour of the proposal. The final vote count showed that 266 MPs present voted without any opposition, only two MPs have remained officially absent. (more…)