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Infections run in schools, PCR tests are coming November 15

TORONTO – Covid-19 and school. The bond, this year, seems to be stronger than in 2020. It is the numbers that give us the picture of the situation: last year at the end of October, 1,966 cases were detected in public schools since the beginning of the school year. This year the infections in the same period of time are as many as 4,454. The fault, say the doctors, is to be attributed to the variant of the Delta coronavirus that some scientists have discovered to be contagious like chickenpox.  (more…)

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Election Day coming up. How will you vote?

TORONTO – I voted in the advance polls. Like many readers of the Corriere Canadese, I have been taken aback by the riding profiles offered daily by Priscilla Pajdo in our pages. No other publication has been providing their readers with as extensive and detailed a picture of any constituency as her pieces have. She has focused on districts where 9% or more of the population are of Italian origin.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Ontario, vaccination passport is coming

TORONTO – After the no, no and still no repeated in recent weeks, Ontario Premier Doug Ford would be considering the implementation of a vaccination passport system. To report it to CTV News Toronto is a source very close to the provincial government who indicates the week just begun, as the one in which the official announcement of the creation of a system of vaccination certificates in the province will take place. According to the source who is well aware of the situation, the certificate “will be required in non-essential environments such as restaurants and cinemas”: mouth sewn instead on the parameters necessary to request the vaccination test and what form the certificate will take.  (more…)

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Federal elections, announcement coming soon

OTTAWA – The countdown is about to begin. The electoral machine is about to get going. According to a Liberal campaigning source, the start seems to have been set for August 15, while the date on which Canadians will have to go to the polls would be September 20. The rumors have been chasing each other for days: some claimed that the official launch of the campaign would take place as early as next Sunday, August 8, with the date of the elections set for September 13. (more…)

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Canada, coming this week 3.8 million vaccines

By the end of this week, Canada should have enough vaccines to inoculate with both doses three-quarters of all Canadians over the age of 12. Brigadier General Krista Brodie, a military commander who manages national vaccine delivery logistics for the Public Health Agency of Canada, said that Pfizer-BioNTech will send more than 2.4 million doses and Modern about 1.4 million. (more…)

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Travel agencies are coming back to life

Who among us does not want to go on vacation as soon as possible? Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a sunny holiday this summer? It turns out that there is an incredibly high interest in travel in Canada, and the only element that hinders travel is not the 14-day quarantine, but the compulsory 3-day stay in a hotel after returning. (more…)

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