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Conservatori in testa, liberali in difficoltà ma Pierre Poilievre ancora non convince

TORONTO – Conservatori in fuga, liberali in difficoltà, Ndp in stallo. È questa l’istantanea sui rapporti di forza tra i partiti politici canadesi scattata da un sondaggio pubblicato ieri dalla Abacus, nel quale si mette in luce come il Partito Conservatore in questo momento si trovi in vantaggio rispetto ai grit di Justin Trudeau… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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The “Mission Impossible”: convince the undecided to vote

TORONTO – Exactly eleven days before the elections, the great challenge between the parties has begun: to convince the undecided. A slice of the electorate still very conspicuous, as confirmed by the eleven polls, a band that at the end of the day could definitively shift the balance and balance of power between political formations. (more…)

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