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Home care crisis in Ontario: lack of PSWs, nurses and therapists

TORONTO – It is a deep crisis that the home care sector is going through. During the Covid-19 pandemic there has been an unprecedented flight of personnel to other parts of the health system. “We have literally lost over 3,000 nurses, qualified therapists and personal support workers,” said Sue VanderBent, CEO of Home Care Ontario, which represents home care providers in Ontario, “and this is very bad news for Ontario residents who are receiving home care because now the number is so small that many people are left waiting at home for a nurse or therapist or PSW who will not arrive.”  (more…)

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Federal leaders in identity crisis: the weakness of our ruling class

TORONTO – The elections usually start a new political era: the last chapter of a political season ends and a new phase begins. The federal elections of September 20 is an exception, because they were not able to resolve either the contradictions of a weak government, supported by a fragile minority in the House, nor the ineffectiveness and instability of the opposition, on which Prime Minister in pectore Justin Trudeau built his political fortunes.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates

Chaos Alberta: Healthcare in state of crisis

TORONTO – Last July in Alberta practically all anti-Covid restrictions were eliminated. Prime Minister Jason Kenney, in fact, had implemented his “Open for Summer Plan”, a three-phase plan to reopen the economy that came into force at the beginning of June with which the former minister of the Harper government takes a different path from that of the other premiers. While in the rest of the provinces the line of a prudent reopening had been chosen, following the suggestions of the various technical scientific committees, in Alberta Kenney had opted for the “everything and immediately” approach.  (more…)

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Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis turned to capitalistic opportunity

TORONTO – American “Manifest Destiny”– in today’s terms, unrestrained colonialism – justified the occupation of the aboriginal territory, ethnic cleansing and colonial warfare in the nineteenth century” by associating a quasi-religious ethos with the more covert, crass objective: “there’s gold in them there hills”.  (more…)

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Censuses During this Pandemic and China’s Demographic Crisis

This article discusses numbers for this is what census is all about – numbers. More importantly, it discusses how these numbers affect people’s lives. So, brace yourself for this number-filled article.

It’s census time in Canada. We are reminded of this daily through ads on tv and on social media like Facebook. I filled up mine online and sent it on the same day that I received the questionnaire. Unlike the 2016 census wherein religion was not asked, this year’s questionnaire saw the re-appearance of this issue. (more…)

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Premier Ford between budget, Covid-19 and health care in crisis

TORONTO – The 2021 Federal Budget came like a godsend for Doug Ford. And not so much for the individual measures contained in Minister Chrystia Freeland’s Budget Law – which in fact have a national character and which do not promise carte blanche at the expense of the Provinces against the pandemic – but for the possibility of alleviating the media pressure to which the premier has been subjected for almost a week now. (more…)

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Crisis deja a venezolanos en Canadá en el limbo
El éxodo venezolano podría convertirse en la mayor crisis migratoria del 2021

Más de cinco millones de venezolanos han abandonado su país en los últimos años, y a pesar de que Canadá encabeza el Grupo de Lima que reconoce la problemática venezolana y promueve la acogida y apoyo a los venezolanos no ha abierto programas de reunificación o refugio para los desplazados. (more…)

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