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“I am sorry”: Toronto police chief on race-based data collection

TORONTO – Chief James Ramer’s apology for Toronto Police conduct toward the black community was in the air. The blacks, after all, were waiting for them. What was a discordant note, in our opinion, is the reaction of Beverly Bain of the No Pride in Policing Coalition. “Yes, your police officers are responsible for their racism – she said – you are guilty. Chief Ramer, we don’t accept your apology.” 


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Covid, data are missing to assess the risks of contracting it

TORONTO – Health experts have no doubts. Provincial governments are asking Canadians to assess for themselves the risk they run in contracting Covid but at the same time they are reducing the amount of data available. “There is no doubt that people are being provided with less data – said Tara Moriarty, a lecturer at the University of Toronto – it is a decidedly crucial task as people have been made responsible for the personal management of the pandemic”. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Ontario, 10 deaths and 4 thousand more active cases. Hospitalizations are growing in almost all provinces: the data

TORONTO – The sixth wave of Covid-19 is there, and it shows. Today, Ontario recorded another 10 deaths, bringing the total in the province, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 12,470. On the other hand, the updated data on hospitalizations due – a provincial health official said – to a scheduled maintenance of the computer systems are not available. But Saturday’s figure is enough to make it clear that the Omicron BA.2 variant is making the numbers rise with impressive speed: 855 people admitted to hospitals in the province, compared to 807 last Thursday and, above all, to 553 of just one week ago (March 28).  (more…)

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Deaths from or with Covid-19? Ontario and Quebec review all data

TORONTO – Another 20 deaths were added today to the tragic “Covid-count” in Ontario. But the total, since the beginning of the pandemic, is not 12,638 (12,618 deaths until yesterday, plus today’s deaths), but 12,149. The provincial health authorities, in fact, have decided to review all the data, removing from the total count the “suspicious” deaths: those not directly attributable only to Covid-19. And from a first analysis, there would be 489 previous deaths not attributable to that category.  (more…)

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No updates on Covid in Alberta from 23 December, but there is the ‘black market’ of data

TORONTO – Canada has officially registered more than two million cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic: 2,058,872, to be exact. And they are probably “few”, given that on the one hand health workers are preparing for a possible post-holiday peak driven by the fast-spreading Omicron variant and on the other hand the numbers of the last few days could represent only the tip of the iceberg given the difficulty in processing all tampons. But there is also who doens’t provide the data at all, such as Alberta. (more…)

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Approximate data, Omicron puts Ontario in crisis

TORONTO – The threat posed by Omicron continues to increase day by day. In Ontario one of the most pressing difficulties is to understand to what extent the new variant is fueling the contagion in this wave of the pandemic. The problem, as Explained on Tuesday by Chief Medical Officer Kieran Moore and as the Provincial Technical Scientific Committee reiterated today, is represented by the fact that at this moment we are not able to have in hand a precise and exhaustive snapshot of the infections: the provincial laboratories have to deal with the analysis of backward swabs that go back a few days, therefore the presentation of daily data is – unlike the last twenty months – approximate and not able to provide a real mapping of infections. 


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Data spread with the dropper. And prevention becomes difficult

TORONTO – As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic reminded us of how true that is. Wash your hands well, use the mask indoors, avoid crowds. It’s up to each of us to make prevention work. Yes. To make prevention work, however, it is also necessary to inform. And this belongs to those who govern us. It would be necessary, because it does not always happen, as in the case of the spreading of data relating to infections in Canada.  (more…)

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COVID-19 cases and deaths, their correlation to vaccination status: Ontario doc tweets all data

(click on the graph to enlarge)

TORONTO – A young doctor from southern Ontario, very popular on social media, is publishing all the results of her research on vaccines online, to make them available to everyone. A huge and valuable work, which is providing useful data that everyone can access. (more…)

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Almost 1 Million Canada Post customers’ data leaked

I don’t think anyone is surprised by strange phone calls with advertising on home and cell phones. Where can callers get the data from? How about telephone numbers and email addresses? Home addresses with surnames and business addresses with company names can be used for a variety of purposes. In combination with the internet black market – the dark internet, the apparent data leak can be very dangerous. (more…)

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