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The grits focus on the difficulties of the NDP, young people turn towards the conservatives

TORONTO – Still conflicting signs in these long journey that separates us from the appointment at the polls. Elements that, as has happened since the beginning of the election campaign, add uncertainty to a vote already burdened by the shadow areas caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the precarious situation in Afghanistan. The latest Nanos poll is in sharp contrast to the opinion polls of this and last week and signals a decisive recovery in voting intentions in favor of the Liberal Party. According to the poll, at this moment the party led by the outgoing prime minister reaches 35.9 percent, marking an increase of 2.4 percent compared to the previous opinion poll.  (more…)

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My trip to the Philippines was precipitated by my need to connect with my older surviving siblings. When I arrived in January 2020, I immediately sought my older brother who had a stroke a few years back and who recently lost his beloved wife. He was glad to see me, despite him being unable to talk and wheelchair-bound. My sister who lived thirty minutes away also was very glad to see me. (more…)

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Ang pag uwi ko sa Pilipinas ay upang bisitahin ang tattlo kong matatadang maga kapatid na may karamdaman. Nang ako’y dumating noong Enero 2020, pinuntahan ko agad ang lalaki kong kapatid na naatake sa puso at hindi nakakapagsalita at hindi nakakatayo. Patay ang kalahating katawan at naka “wheelchair”. Nakilala ako at masaya siyang makita ako. Pagkatapos doon, iyon kapatid ko naman babae ang pinuntahan ko na di kalayuan ang bahay niya. Siya ay tuwangtuwa nang nakita ako. Tinanong ko siya kung may balita sa isa pang babae na kapatid naming, na may sakit na alziemers. Ang sagot ay wala. (more…)

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