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$15 billion given away to those not eligible, but CRA doesn’t care

TORONTO – Canada Revenue Agency calls you if $10 is “missing” (and if you don’t pay immediately, interest will kick in) but doesn’t think it’s worth recovering $15 billion. Incredible but true, so much so that even the “watchdog” of Canadian finances, Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux, said he was bewildered to hear the head of the CRA say that it was not “worth” recovering all that money, i.e. the $15.5 billion in potential Covid-19 wage subsidy overpayments. In other words, money ended up in the pockets of those who had no right to receive it.  (more…)

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Ford: “Bill 124? Doesn’t exist”. But then he opens up to private healthcare

TORONTO – Private healthcare can “help” where public healthcare does not arrive: this is essentially the message launched by the premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, during today’s press conference – the first of 2023 – in which, while opening to private healthcare, he also declared that the notorious Bill 124 – the legislation that capped wage increases for most public sector workers at 1% for three years – “doesn’t exist”. (more…)

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