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Has this been a weird election, or what?

TORONTO – As I was writing this, one of the candidates appeared on a [non politically correct] rant bemoaning the sad state of affairs in the City of Toronto. That candidate, a current Councillor and part of every decision agreed to by City Council in the John Tory era, attempted – vainly, to this observer – to lay all of the city’s woes at the feet of the forgotten ex-mayor. 


Toronto Mayoral Election, Mitzie Hunter’s plan: “Moderate and lower-income homeowners pay 50 per cent less”

TORONTO – “Toronto is at a turning point that must not be a breaking point. People tell me they are worried that the city they love is on the brink of serious decline. “I want to lead Toronto’s revival. I have a plan to do exactly that”: candidate Mitzie Hunter (in the pic above, from a video on her Instagram page), running for Mayor, introduced today her 71-page plan titled “Fix the Six” and based on a general six-per-cent property tax increase – $216 per year for an average home – that will be reduced to three per cent – a $108-per-year increase – for households with income under $80,000. Hunter’s plan also provides additional protections for moderate and lower income seniors, which will allow more than half of all seniors to pay no property tax at all. (more…)

A mayor’s election to censure everyone who ever voted J. Tory

TORONTO –  That may sound harsh. It is probably too complementary. With all due respect to the process and the individuals (54? and counting) offering to replace the retired, “self-disgraced” former mayor, and win the confidence of the public is never easy. Especially in an election with geographic boundaries overlapping twenty-five federal/provincial boundaries – without the galvanizing factors of Party, Leader, and Finances.