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Vaughan Elections, Danny De Santis: “Traffic, crime and the cost of living: we need a turning point”

TORONTO – Traffic reduction, fight against crime, aid to counter the increase in the cost of living. These are the pillars of the program platform presented by Danny De Santis (in the pic above), candidate for the office of Mayor of Vaughan in the next elections on October 24th. De Santis’ program starts from the assumption of a progressive “disconnection between politicians and the people”, and the consequent need to mend this relationship that has deteriorated in recent years in the city administration. 


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TCDSB Elections, vandalized signs of a candidate who defends traditional Catholic values

TORONTO – Vandals in action against candidates for the position of trustee at TCDSB who intend to defend traditional Catholic values: yesterday someone ripped up the electoral cartels of Gabriella Mazarakis, candidate in Ward 2. “I believe Catholic schools are distinct and exist because families want to pass on to their children the values, culture, tradition and meaning of their faith”, the candidate wrote in one of her tweets during the elections campaign. In another tweet, she posted a quote from Pope John Paul II: Even though the financial viability of Catholic schools has been guaranteed, the task remains of ensuring their Catholic character”. In the pic above, one of the vandalized signs in a pic posted by Rabea Allos.

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TCDSB Elections: D’Amico, Di Giorgio and Cristiano at Cataldi (photos and videos)

TORONTO – Great participation in the event organized today at Cataldi, on Keele Street in Toronto, by three candidates for the position of trustee at the Toronto Catholic District School Board: Frank D’Amico, Daniel Di Giorgio and Gianfranco Cristiano (in the photo above, at entrance of Cataldi).

Their “Meet and Greet” was held from 2 to 5 pm: the three candidates chatted with the customers of the Italian supermarket, offered a lunch and, at the end, stopped at the exit to distribute packs of Italian pasta to all present, as a gift for Thanksgiving Day.

On the packages there was their image and that of Relina D’Amico, candidate as trustee at the TDSB (in the pic below).

“We are glad for the success of our initiative – the three candidates said -: we take the opportunity to wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the readers of CNMNG News”. 

As is well known, the campaign for the election of the trustees to the TCDSB has flared up on the issue of the survival of Catholic ethics – or even the cancellation of the Catholic Superintendency. D’Amico, Di Giorgio and Cristiano propose themselves as defenders and promoters of traditional Catholic values, family and parental rights regarding their children.

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GTA Elections, Italian Canadians key to Municipal reform

TORONTO – If one did not know it, the Municipal Democracy Index (MDI) confirms that our democratic institutions at the local level are crying out for serious reform, if not an injection of civic commitment. In 2021, out of a total of 150 possible points on the MDI scale, only eight (8) municipalities of the thirty-two (32) measured in Ontario received a passing grade of 75 or better. Neither Toronto nor Vaughan was among that acceptable group. 


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Coincidences, Timing and Foreign interference in elections

TORONTO – September 13, twelve days before a national election in Italy, the New York Times broke a story about Russian plans to interfere in Western democratic governments. It referenced an Intelligence report citing an allocation of $300 million USD to buy senior politicos. The “project” (an old tried and true American CIA tactic) has apparently been in existence since 2014, covering twenty nations and four continents.  


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Municipal elections issues (1): Catholic schools – YCDSB

TORONTO – It is time to get serious about the reasons why we have elections. First, throw out the riffraff in office and weed out the ones that would replace them. Secondly, study the alternatives and vote for them. Third, reaffirm the principles for which institutions exist and hold to account those who erode their value for the sake of their personal pet projects. 


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The“last minute” phenomenon in municipal elections

TORONTO – For a while, it seemed that many local political office holders (incumbents) were going to get another free ride, that is, be uncontested. Then, like mushrooms after a rainstorm, names of candidates at the Registration desk sprouted as if from nowhere. We may not hear from them or know what they represent until election day… maybe. Local elections are notorious for the low voter turn-out. Since John Tory lulled everyone to sleep, thus eliminating any competition and attraction for “the top job”, what will incent citizens to exercise their civic duty to vote?


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Elections in Ontario: useless debate, Ford resists

TORONTO – Pandemic, education, health. It was with these issues that the liberal, NDP and Green Party leaders tried to put outgoing conservative Prime Minister Doug Ford with their backs to the wall during the debate ahead of the provincial vote on June 2. A debate, this, which was supposed to be a golden opportunity to convince the electorate that the Ford era in Queen’s Park had come to an end by overturning the polls that predict the victory of the Conservative Party. But NDP leader Andrea Horwath, Liberal leader Steven Del Duca and Green leader Mike Schreiner have failed to show that they are ready to lead the next government. 


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Elections in Ontario, we will have a long election campaign

TORONTO – Let’s fasten our seat belts and get ready: in Ontario we will have to see a very long election campaign. Which, incidentally, has already begun a few weeks ago, from September 21 to be precise, the day after the federal elections. Pounding commercials on TV, radio, on the Internet and on social media, announcements on unlikely investments, promises, pacts with voters, plans for the future, slogans, all seasoned with accusations, controversies and poisons: June 2, 2022 is a date still far away, but already in recent weeks we have had a taste of what, willy-nilly, is waiting for us.  (more…)

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Doug Ford’s Agenda between Covid, elections and economic recovery

TORONTO – Pandemic, health, economic recovery, return from the deficit, with the thought turned to the provincial vote next June. There is great expectation at Queen’s Park where this morning at 9 am the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell will illustrate the new agenda of the Ford government with the Speech from the Throne. The appointment, which coincides with the resumption of parliamentary work after the summer break, is seen as a key step of the Conservative executive for various reasons.  (more…)

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Federal elections: Vuong remains, Dzerowicz wins at the photo finish

TORONTO – We are close to putting an end to these federal elections that have caused so much discussion and that have not changed the structure of the parties in the House of Commons. Today, Elections Canada said that most of the 850,000 mail-in ballots not counted on Monday evening were counted, although in various constituencies due to the head-to-head between the candidates it is still necessary to establish the exact outcome of the race. (more…)

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Political uncertainty remains even after the federal elections

TORONTO – The federal elections have not resolved the climate of uncertainty that has characterized Canadian politics since 2019. The tear wanted by Justin Trudeau, with the leap in the dark represented by the early vote during the fourth wave of the pandemic, has not brought clarity in the balance of power between the parties and the political balances to the House of Commons. At the end of this election we find ourselves exactly where we started: with a minority government, with the oppositions too weak to sabotage the political agenda of the liberal prime minister and with a fragmented and divided electorate.  (more…)

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Elections, the Liberals win. The counting of votes continues: minority or majority government?

TORONTO – With numerous polling stations still in the counting phase, Justin Trudeau’s victory in the federal elections is already clear. These are the percentages as we write (around 10.30 pm): Liberals 37.5%, Conservatives 32.8%, NDP 16.2%, Bloc Quebecois 5.5%, People Party 4.7%, Green 2, 5%. At the moment, the Liberals would not have the seats for a majority government (they are stuck at 144 against 117 for the Conservatives) but the results of many seats are still lacking.

The photo is taken from the Twitter profile of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Elections 2021: the countdown is over

TORONTO – At the end of an election campaign full of accusations, poisons and controversy, the countdown is over. Tomorrow Canadians will go to the polls to choose their 338 representatives in the 44th legislature and, indirectly, to indicate the new prime minister. Today the leaders of the main parties held the last electoral rallies, launching the last appeal to the still undecided voters who, ultimately, could shift the final balance and therefore the outcome of the votes. Justin Trudeau spoke in Montreal in the morning, while throughout the day he was engaged in a long series of virtual events.  (more…)

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Elections, Italian Canadians looking for a seat

TORONTO – The office of the Italian Canadian candidates in this electoral round is starting. In all, there are 69 candidates of Italian origin looking for a seat, concentrated as always in Ontario and Quebec but also present in the other Canadian provinces. Also in these elections the representatives of our community represented themselves in all the main federal parties.  (more…)

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Bernier, the great unknown of these elections

TORONTO – An unknown, indecipherable, and unpredictable factor on this federal election. Twelve days before the polls, with polls confirming the Conservative party’s lead over Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, the presence of the People’s Party threatens to upset the balance and balance of power between the political forces running for the September 20 vote. For now we do not talk about it, or rather we talk about it little. The movement founded and led by Maxime Bernier at the baptism of fire in the 2019 elections did not do very well: just 294 thousand votes throughout the country, equal to 1.6 percent, no elected deputies and the same leader beaten in his electoral district of Beauce by former party comrade Richard Lehoux. (more…)

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Elections of the Comites: a meeting with the C.t.i.m. at the Italian Center in Vancouver

VANCOUVER – A meeting in view of the upcoming elections for the renewal of the Comites, the Committees for Italians Abroad: it is promoted by the Tricolor Committee for Italians in the World (C.t.i.m.), British Columbia Delegation, for next September 17, at 7.30pm, at the restaurant of the Italian Cultural Center, 3075 Slocan Street, in Vancouver.  (more…)

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Federal elections, announcement coming soon

OTTAWA – The countdown is about to begin. The electoral machine is about to get going. According to a Liberal campaigning source, the start seems to have been set for August 15, while the date on which Canadians will have to go to the polls would be September 20. The rumors have been chasing each other for days: some claimed that the official launch of the campaign would take place as early as next Sunday, August 8, with the date of the elections set for September 13. (more…)

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Peruvians in Canada await the result of the elections

The definition of the 2021 General Elections in Peru will be defined vote by vote. According to the last information from the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), Pedro Castillo, from the Peru Libre party, remains at the top with 50.255% over the 49.745% that represents Keiko Fujimori, from Fuerza Popular, as of June 8th, 2021. (more…)

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